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    sleeping bags & camp bedding

    Get outdoors and see the world comfortably in these amazing sleeping bags!

    Best Sleeping Bags for Camping

    When it comes to sleep, you need to ensure that you are comfortable. Nothing is more miserable than not getting a good night’s sleep. So, take some time to read and research what the best sleeping bag is for you. There are different designs and styles as well. So take into account if you like to move a lot while sleeping or if you are going to be camping in the cold. If you move a lot then you will want a standard style sleeping bag and not a mummy style.

    However, in the cold a mummy-style is just the thing. You want to ensure that it is big enough to have some of your gear in it, especially when camping in the cold. Putting your outfit inside with you will allow you to wake up with clean warm clothing to put on. Let’s take a look as some of the sleeping bag options.

    REI Sleeping Bag

    REI Sleeping bags come in different styles. There are mummy-style sleeping bags and regular as well as even some double. These are some of the very best sleeping bags out there and will certainly last you a long time. However, these are definitely made for the more professional camper. If this is your first time buying a sleeping bag, the REI is a good investment. But, if you don’t know if you are going to like camping, you might want to find something that isn’t $100 or more to start off with.

    Coleman Camping products

    Coleman is a popular name in camping gear. Coleman comes in all ranges of prices are is certainly a good starter sleeping bag. If you aren’t going to camp much, why put a lot of money into expensive equipment? These bags are perfect to try out camping.

    Best budget Sleeping Bags

    For the best budget sleeping bag, you are looking good quality as well as cost. And, the Coleman is certainly a great option. There are other brands as well such Kelly Tuck who offers some really great sleeping bags for the cost. And, another great brand is Marmot Trestles, which isn’t as popular as the Coleman name. Cabela’s sleeping bags other great options as well.

    Sleep with a friend!

    A double sleeping bag is perfect for camping with a partner. You can sleep together and stay warm. It is also perfect if you are bringing along your four-legged friend that may need some covers too. They are just what they sound like, twice as big!

    Best lightweight sleeping bag under $100 for backpacking

    Backpacking can be fun. But, you don’t want to break the bank trying it. The best lightweight sleeping bag for under $100 can be found in the above best budget section. Compact sleeping bags work best for this. Down sleeping bags are not really that light and should be avoided if you are going to try to hike.

    Take your time to find just the right one for you.