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Camping Grills and Coolers

Are you ready to camp in style?  Preparing your camp kitchen can be a lot of fun!  Camping is an amazing way to get back with nature, go ahead and unplug from the media and just be for a while.  However, camping with the proper tools and having a proper camp kitchen is important. When you are ready to really take camping seriously, you need to do some investigation on what you need for your camp kitchen.  After all, everyone eats differently and prepares their food differently. 

Camping Cooler

Some of the best camping kitchens will have a camping grill, camping stove, camping coolers, and even a propane camping stove.  These items allow you to store food and prepare it with ease. Camping kitchens can be very expensive but they don’t have to be.  Do what is important to you and think about your priorities. Some people like to backwoods camp and not go into town very often. These folks will probably get a nicer cooler so that they don’t have to refill the ice as often.  However, there are camping coolers in all budgets. But, if you camp a lot, a nicer cooler that can go for days with one bag of ice is certainly helpful.  

Camping Stove

How much do you use a propane camping stove?  When, camping some people use a camping stove all the time, while others prefer to cook over an open flame and use the campfire.  This really is more personal preference than anything else. But, it is important when you are looking to stock your camp kitchen!  And, remember that if you are hiking, and camping along the way, you will need to find lightweight options for cooking. But, if you are just setting up a camp and maybe doing some day hikes, this shouldn’t be a problem.  

Camping stoves come in a variety of fun designs.  There are even camping stoves that will charge your phone as you use cook.  Some stoves can have your water boiling in just a minute or two, while others are a bit more simple.  Determining what camping stove you need is again a personal preference. But, you should ensure that the stove is large enough for what you intend to do with it.  And, don’t forget the camping grill options too! There are many ways to cook in your camp kitchen, but only you will know the best way for you.

Grill for Camping

Do you like to grill?  Grilling is huge while camping.  What camping grill will depend on what you expect of the grill.  Some grills are fed charcoal, others use wood or you could put a grate over your fire pit as well.  Camping grills come in all sizes and shapes, just like the grill you have at home. If you are a grill master, then you will probably want more features than the average person in their camp kitchen.  Be sure that you have a high enough btu for what you plan to do with it. Another great feature to consider is how large the grill is. If you camp with family and friends you are going to need a much larger grill than if you camp solo.