Yeti Other | Yeti 18 Inch Cooler Brand New | Color: Gray | Size: 18 Inch

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Product Information

52 reviews for Yeti Other | Yeti 18 Inch Cooler Brand New | Color: Gray | Size: 18 Inch

  1. masterofnone

    Well designed – This thing is well designed. Big enough to pack drinks and lunch for a day of fishing, drinks for a day of little league baseball, a trip to the waterpark, etc.

  2. mhunt

    Igloo Quantum 18-Can Cooler – I bought this cooler for a trip to the zoo in 100 degree. I packed 12 mini waters and 12 Capri Suns and half a bag of ice by mid day the ice had half melted.

  3. Koda1

    Great IceBox – I’ve had mine for a couple of months, seems to keep ice fairly well and I’m in and out of it all day. It on a welding rig and sits in the hot sun. Ice every couple days.

  4. 1521

    Compare w/ Yeti – Have fishing partners that swear by Yetis. Do not disagree with them, but my experience is that my Engel 65 holds ice a little longer, and costs a little less.

  5. Dupsy

    Does the job – I bought this cooler when I traveled a lot to remote locations. It kept my water clean and cool and is very convenient to have around. No need to constantly buy water bottles.

  6. Agscreech0102

    Great features – I brought this angel cooler a month ago and I love it. Its every thing i wanted i am very satisfied with the choice i made with this cooler i look forward to buying more and shipping with you.

  7. Umbale and Kind

    Perfect size for what we needed it for. – Like all the features on the cooler. It also keeps ice well.

  8. warzon


  9. Streamer12

    Smaller – Good product. Cooler is much smaller than I thought.

  10. Richard 25

    Great cooler or dry box. – Bought this item a month so ago very pleased money well spent.

  11. Jet ski angler

    Awesome cooler for the money! – Cooler full of fish! I wanted a cooler I could strap onto my jet ski, hold my rods and be light enough for a woman to carry. First time out, cooler full of fish.

  12. JoshSS

    Perfect cooler for work and day trips – I bought this cooler 3 weeks ago and I am very pleased with it. It is perfect for work. I have taken it on fourwheeling day trips and keeps my stuff cold all day and into the next.

  13. TerryGtrPlr

    Great lunch box – I purchased this to use as a lunch box. I am in construction and work in some dusty and down right nasty places from office buildings, to coal burning power plants.

  14. jkeithblair

    I love this new bag. It is just a strong as my Flip 12. It is larger though. I use the YETI ice to fill it up and I pack water bottles and some tea for the road.

  15. funkayboi83

    Where to start, we had a week long rode trip plan from Shreveport, LA to Memphis, TN to Chicago, IL to Columbus, OH to Mammoth Cave, KY to Memphis, TN and back home to Shreveport, LA; all with.

  16. happy

    5 gallon water cooler – EXCELLENT PRODUCT glad I purchased it. I know I will use this for a long time.

  17. Chewy

    Light weight very portable – I am enjoying my new Engel cooler/ dry box. It holds an adequate amount of beer for a day Excursion. Ice retention is fair no better really than a standard cooler.

  18. weekendwarrior8

    I bought the YETI HOPPER FLIP 18 – Field Tan/Blaze Orange color for my boyfriend for Valentine’s Day/our 1 year anniversary. We are currently building a container home in a remote locationwhich.

  19. logans63

    Perfect size – Perfect little cooler for solo fishing trips. Dont really get the rod holders though usless your sitting on the cooler when you get a big strike. Keep cold items cold all day.

  20. JReuter

    Yeti has always exceeded my expectations with all of their products. The Hopper flip 18 is no exception to the quality that I have come to depend on daily with whatever product I use from this.

  21. Momma071315

    Impressed! – Great price. Perfect size for drinks, ice and sandwiches! Great for football Saturdays and small enough to where I can leave it in my suv at all times but big enough to fit drinks and lunch.

  22. Robt5

    Great functional design. As big inside as the Roadie 20 but much lighter. Brought some Chinese take out home 100 miles and still warm ready to eat apron arrival.

  23. Anonymous

    Haven’t used ours for the purpose I bought it for yet (softball games in the summer.) However, for the holidays it was great to have something to rely on to bring home leftovers with a 2+.

  24. bababouy

    I bought the hopper 18 for myself for fathers day and have been using it a couple times a week for fishing trips down in the Keys. The weather has been hot and this cooler keeps everything.

  25. Tony Bologna

    Its what you’d expect out of a yeti cooler bag. Excellent build quality, innovative design, and wow factor/bragging rights to your friends.

  26. Mark

    Very Happy With This Cooler – Bought this cooler to keep food and drinks cold on an 18 hour drive to Orlando FL from Midlothian TX. Made the trip, put it on the patio in June FL heat and it still had ice in it 4 days later.

  27. TheHedge,

    Great Cooler – This cooler is heavy. It weighs about 32lbs empty. It is made out of molded plastic that is some heavy duty stuff! It appears that the cooler part is all one piece. No seams.

  28. MontyRCFRD,

    Beast of a Cooler – I received this item from the Spark Reviewer program and was asked to provide an unbiased review. The Ozark Trail 73-Quart High-Performance Cooler is a beast of a cooler.

  29. Gonefishineveryday,

    It really keeps ice for 9 days! – The Ozark Trail 73 quart high performance cooler has many features that include: a fish ruler, drink holders, wire basket, T-handle latches, stainless steel locking plate, heavy duty comfort.

  30. widgett18,

    Great cooler – The Ozark Trail 73 At. High performance cooler is fantastic. It’s just over 32 inches long about 18 inches tall & about 19 inches deep .

  31. Stretch728,

    Great cooler for any occassion. – This cooler is awesome. It is very large and heavy, I was surprised how much can fit inside.

  32. Ladyconsumer

    Great job – Reasonable price, does a great job. Is it exactly the same as an indoor air conditioner? No, of course not. But it makes hot and sticky a lot more tolerable.

  33. Johnnyboy

    Lightweight, durable, great ice retention – Light weight for the class of cooler that it’s in. Very durable, lid hinge, handle and fastening latches have no issues getting wet or sandy.

  34. Rick

    It just works! – I was worried that it wouldn’t work in our humid summers, but I decided to give it a shot and I’m glad I did! There is a radiator in the lid, so it’s not adding a bunch of moisture to the air.

  35. w1kac00

    Extreme Cooler – Great looking cooler very durable and performs great keeping ice for 3+ days even in extreme heat.

  36. Sneddy

    Solid cooler – Used this cooler this weekend. Holds ice longer and has great features. Lid opens from both sides and is very sturdy.

  37. Judson Northern NH

    2 Yetis looking to buy a third – First Yeti is a bag cooler with the top zipper not the side. Hold ice 2 days no problem. 3rd day little ice but still cold beverages. I’ve seen 5 days no problem 65 degrees kept in the shade.

  38. G Tate

    Love it – Bought the 45 a week ago and couldn’t wait to test it out. Got it on a Monday, filled it with about 24 beers, 3 ice packs and 30 lbs of ice and checked it 14 hours later, it was as if I just.

  39. EBF Mom

    Kept Frozen for 2 Days!! – This may seem like an odd review, but for any mother’s out there, you know how precious breastmilk is. I moved from New Mexico to San Antonio this summer and was able to put frozen breast.

  40. SMSM

    I wasn’t sure I needed a yeti, i was wrong…. – We tested this cooler on a 10 day camping trip though Idaho and Wyoming. It worked great, we went though about a quarter of the ice we would have with our old cooler and nothing got sunk in.

  41. Daniel McVay

    Crazy good! – Perfect cooler for the back of the truck! Also having the ability to open the cooler from either side is an added bonus! I would highly highly recommend.

  42. Nomi girl

    Great gear – This cooler (as all Yeti gear) is great! I’m so happy with the color I chose and it holds ice and keeps our drinks cold through our hot summer rides on our side by side! The ONLY complaint.

  43. Michael

    Great cooler/drybox – Great product. Fits well in my kayak, and priced right.

  44. Chrisinwilson

    Little cooler keeps ice long time! – Went fishing all day on a hot day, loaded with ice, and everything stayed cold the entire time. There were a few beers and ice left over so I left the cooler in the garage to see how long the.

  45. Anonymous

    Fading Logo – I got my Yeti in March (2019) and it is a terrific cooler. Unfortunately the college logo has begun to really fade over the course of the summer.

  46. Suavy

    This soft cooler lives up to the hype! I got specifically for this past Labor Day weekend at The OBX. It did not disappoint.

  47. EOWilson

    This is the perfect cooler for a day in the field. Its weight and size are great for carrying lunch and water and keeping them cold.

  48. markfreeborn

    I’ve had a chance to use the Flip for a couple of months now in some pretty hot weather. It performs flawlessly and is just the right size for daily use.

  49. banderstorm

    Love the Yeti! – I’m in love! I was so excited to receive my yeti coolers before my family lake weekend. It held up fantastic to the heat.

  50. JohnKY

    We take the food for the day for baby & adults with Yeti ice ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  51. logaen

    Works great, keeps stuff cold for a solid day and a half, but the zipper does get old. its nice that it keeps it water tight, but having to open it and close through out the days gets old.

  52. Big Joe USA

    Perfect size for a 12 pack of tall bottles and loaded with Yeti ice!! ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

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