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Feel the mist of water as you glide along a calm lake in your own tranquile abode across the water.

Grab a kayak and get out on the water!

A kayak is a wonderful means to get one with nature.  It is so quiet and peaceful that you will not be disturbing those around you.  Remember, you are in their home and respect the wildlife that you encounter while enjoying a stroll up the river.  There are not only land critters but you will most like see water critters as well. Things such as fish, ducks and even a beaver await you to discover them in their own living room. 

Kayaks are a wonderful way to travel and a great addition to a hiking/camping trip.  Many people love to hike and camp along with kayaking so it is important for them to find the easiest kayaks to carry.   When looking for a kayak you should keep in mind what you plan to do with it. If it something you are going to enjoy off the beach of your backyard than the weight is probably not an issue, maybe it is price or quality that interests you more.

Get a Fishing Kayak

Finding a kayak that fits your needs is simple with some of the top kayak brands offering such a nice selection to choose from. In addition to enjoying the wildlife, perhaps you like to do a bit of fishing.  Kayaks for fishing are certainly popular as they are easy to maneuver and you can quietly get in where the fish are.  

Maybe it is camping that you enjoy.  Well, thee are some of the best camping kayaks on the market today!  As technology improves these kayaks are becoming easier to pack, lightweight and portable, perfect for those that love camping and the great outdoors.  

Perfect for exercise!

Kayaks are perfect for exercise as well.  They provide nice upper body conditioning as well as core strength and can even be a bit of cardio.  There is certainly an element of balance in there and they come in a variety of designs, styles such as recreational kayaks, ocean kayaks, whitewater kayaks and more.  Some of the best kayaks come in a variety of color options as well. Be sure that you take your time to find the perfect kayak for your skill level and abilities too.  

If you have never been kayaking, you may want to try renting a few to get the feel for the different styles, shapes, and designs.  Kayaks come in all sorts of different styles, which will help them glide through the water with various weights on board. Some people have a preference for the brand, price or shape of the kayak too.  Take your time and find the best kayak that is right for you and your needs.  

Things to look for when purchasing a kayak are:

  • Weight restrictions
  • Style/design
  • Storage options
  • Comfort

Some kayaks are far more comfortable than others, depending on your body type.  There are kayaks with specialized seats built-in and others that are removable. And, some offer a large area for storage, while others don’t have as much.  The ones that don’t have a lot of storage are perfect for those that just want to go out on the water for a few hours. These are very practical and fun to use.  The amount of time you plan to spend in your kayak is also a factor. If you don’t think you will use it that often, then perhaps trying to find a cheap kayak to have on hand would be best.