Sun Dolphin Journey 10 Sit-on Angler Kayak Grass, Paddle Included, Multicolor

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Sun Dolphin Journey 10 Sit-on Angler Kayak Grass, Paddle Included,$336.56#253,756 in Sports & Outdoors
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Sun Dolphin Journey 10 SS Sit-On Angler Kayak Grass, Paddle$2753.7 / 5
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Sun Dolphin Journey 10 ft. Sit-On Angler Kayak with Paddle,$279.994.1 / 5
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Sun Dolphin Journey 10 SS Sit-On Angler Kayak Olive, Paddle$299.993.7 / 5
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Adult 70'S Disco Honey Costume Forum Novelties$19.72No Reviews
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Journey 10$4193.6 / 5
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Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 Sit-In$259No Reviews
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Trophy™ 126 (10’6”)$689.994.2 / 5
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10 FT KAYAK Sit On Top Fishing Lake River w Paddle SOT Canoe Water Sport$399.84No Reviews
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SPIBELT Original Low-Profile Personal Item$19.99No Reviews
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SIT ON KAYAK Paddle Included Lightweight Beginner Youth Boat Fishing Lake$95.91No Reviews
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Product Seller Price Seller Rating Product Page
Sun Dolphin Journey 10 Sit-on Angler Kayak Grass, Paddle Included,$299.993.9 / 5
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SUN Dolphin Journey 10 SS Sit-On Fishing Holiday Vacation River Lake Angler Kayak, Paddle Included! (Grass)$69.99No Reviews
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Sun Dolphin Journey 10 SS -$299.993.9 / 5
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Sun Dolphin Journey 10' Sit-On Angler Kayak, Paddle Included,$299.99No Reviews
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Marquette 10' Sit-In Olive Fishing$299.993.6 / 5
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Sun Dolphin Aruba 10´ SS Kayak,$2504.4 / 5
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Sun Dolphin Destin 10.4 Sit-on Recreational Kayak Lime Green, Paddle$2244 / 5
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Sun Dolphin Bali 10' SS Sit On Kayak,$2703.7 / 5
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Sun Dolphin Bali 10' Sit-On Kayak Red, Paddle$270No Reviews
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Sun Dolphin Aruba 10' Sit-In Recreational Kayak,$149.994.4 / 5
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Ozark Trail 12' Pro Angler Kayak, Grass Camo with Paddle, Size: 147.5 inchLarge x 33.25 inchW x 13 inchH,$5103 / 5
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Sun Dolphin Boss SS Sit-On/Stand On Top Angler Kayak (Gray, 12.3-Feet)$598.943.5 / 5
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Sun Dolphin Swirl Bali 10' SS Sit-On-Top Kayak at Blain's Farm and$219.993.7 / 5
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Sun Dolphin Bali 10' Sit-On Kayak Lime, Paddle Included,$349.994.1 / 5
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Excursion 10' Sit-in Fishing Kayak Grass w/Paddle,$3394.5 / 5
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Product Information

51 reviews for Sun Dolphin Journey 10 Sit-on Angler Kayak Grass, Paddle Included, Multicolor

  1. Kathy41449

    My Future Beach Trophy 126… – My Future Beach Trophy 126 was a birthday present and I could not have ever been more pleased. It was purchased at Dick’s on sale.

  2. Carolmc55

    Would love to give the 126 a good review, but… Bought this at… – Would love to give the 126 a good review, but Bought this at Dick’s because a friend has one and loves it. Very stable [a bit slow – not a big deal] and it has the sealed bulkheads.

  3. lukethedrifter

    The Future Beach is a… – The Future Beach is a great kayak for beginners. It is extremely stable and can hold a line like a champ, I was able to easily pull in a 80 lb Black Lab in the boat with me and there was plenty.

  4. Sugar106

    This heavy duty plastic… – This heavy duty plastic kayak is rock steady! Although it is heavier then some, about 53#, the quality is built to last. Can be dragged over rocky beaches, good handles and great hatches.

  5. harddriver62

    I bought this Kayak the… – I bought this Kayak the end of June. It was a demo unit so I was able to get it for reduced price. I wanted an entry level fishing yak and after adding a few things to it, I have exactly that.

  6. Kozmo18

    I think that the Trophy… – I think that the Trophy 126 is the best $300 play boat on the market. I have another, fairly expensive, touring kayak (Swift) and paid a hundred dollars more just for the paddle with that one.

  7. Javyrod,

    Excellent kayak for $300 – Kayak was only $300 and was supposed to come with thigh pads, paddle leash, and fishing rod swivel rod holder. It is missing the leash and pads but did come with a paddle.

  8. znye17

    Dihedral hull makes it… – Dihedral hull makes it extremely stable and track well, but also makes for difficult turning. Large rear compartment is not sealed well from factory and is not water tight.

  9. lvanhess

    Very stable. Tracks true…. – Very stable. Tracks true. Have used in rough water and smooth, and feel very comfortable. The bin in front lets water in, so I use a dry bag to put gear in. Enjoyable Kayak, would recommend.

  10. mikezero56

    I got this kayak as a gift… – I got this kayak as a gift from my wife for the money she paid it’s not a bad ride; it doesn’t track well and I had to do some mods so I could add a fishfinder moved the rod holder out to the.

  11. rdbolser

    The only kayak I have… – The only kayak I have owned. I had borrowed several other brands from friends before I purchased my own but never felt they were very stable.

  12. Massbassattack,

    Great kayak for the price – I recently purchased this kayak on and chose site to store for a shipping option.

  13. Oldnwet

    This has been a great Yak… – This has been a great Yak for the money. Tracks straight, great storage, not heavy, and I think it would sink before it would roll! I have had this boat for over 4 yrs and have had.

  14. Itchy243

    Stable, rugged, and… – Stable, rugged, and versatile. I had only one problem with the boat, the seat support posts detached from the bottom. The seat now shifts around a bit while paddling.

  15. bstring

    I have been fishing out of… – I have been fishing out of this kayak for 4 years now and love it. The price was very reasonable and it is very stable. Very light. Tracks straight.

  16. tmpols

    Very stable, tracks well… – Very stable, tracks well but it has a very low end seat for fishing and paddling for longer than an hour, and!!! do not trust the rod holders! make sure you leash your rods when you use.

  17. RonCharest

    I’ve had this kayak for… – I’ve had this kayak for four years now, purchased new at a Dick’s sporting goods store sale. It was my first kayak and introduction to the sport.

  18. forkman

    I purchased this kayak… – I purchased this kayak (Trophy 126) as a Father’s day gift for myself several years ago to see if kayak angling was something I’d enjoy. I can honestly say it has proven to be one of the best.

  19. joejarman

    Not a bad kayak just… – Not a bad kayak just middle of the road. The comfort is ok and the extras are minimum. I have fished from it with success, but stay away from waves.

  20. frank7ptbk

    Nice inexpensive kayak for… – Nice inexpensive kayak for a starter. Comes with a rod holder. The foot rests could be a bit longer, I am 5’11” and my legs are bent a bit more than I would like.

  21. kjfri189

    I am an avid fishermen who… – I am an avid fishermen who likes going out in the bay. I genuinely enjoy my Trophy 126.

  22. reed13206

    For what I use it for, this is a great ‘yak. Pros- Very… – For what I use it for, this is a great ‘yak. Pros- Very stable, plenty of room on it, maneuvers well. I use it for fishing both on bigger lakes and ponds, as well as exploring creeks.

  23. aleman

    I bought the Kayak through… – I bought the Kayak through Amazon for $299, it was delivered quickly and without damage. I took it on its maiden voyage a couple of weeks ago and was please with the Kayak.

  24. Naturboy

    I bought the Sundolphin… – I bought the Sundolphin Excursion 10 SS as my first kayak and so far I’m happy with it. It’s light enough to put on top of my van by myself and yet the material it’s made out of is strong enough.

  25. imaangel2b

    My dad purchased this… – My dad purchased this kayak a couple months ago, in order to use it for fishing. With all the adjustments he’s made, it turned out to be a pretty solid piece of equipment.

  26. Rich

    For a first kayak, the Sun… – For a first kayak, the Sun Dolphin Journey 10 SS fishing model, it is very good, but probably not for a large person. It is easy to maneuver and easy to fish from.

  27. Kadavis,

    Great fishing kayak – I am 5’6″, 140lb and this kayak fits me well. It doesn’t really track straight but that may be a function of the shape? I took it out 3x a day this past weekend on a lake and it was great.

  28. Pauley,

    Great boat – Very happy with this Kayak, got it at a great price. Used it several times and caught fish.

  29. hlcessna

    The Trophy 126 is a great… – The Trophy 126 is a great fishing platform. I am 6 ft and 240 lbs and have been on 5 hour float trips and been quite comfortable.

  30. CharliePride,

    Just buy the thing – The Journey 10 ss sit on kayak is a fish catching sucker. I’m 6′ 1″ 185lbs and this thing has not even offered to flip over.

  31. TrShadow

    This is a great little… – This is a great little sit-in all around Kayak. It is just as home in flat water as it is on the river. It can be a little sluggish taking tight turns, but overall performs very well.


    Nice starter kayak…. – Nice starter kayak. sturdy, roomy, affordable and very stable. You can stand up in it if you want lol. Good for a larger person.

  33. SGM97B

    Good River Fishing Kayak – It is sold as an Angling Kayak but really the only thing it has is two rod holders. I generally like it. I bought it on sale, over $130 off.

  34. Jeremiah Blayton

    Great after a few add ons – Bought 2 years ago, I’m 5’10” around 130-150 lbs, I can easily use this as a paddle board to spot fish in shallow or clear water, spend around 6 hours in it no problem. Only con is my little.

  35. Tankdg

    Good for beginer or float friendly waters – I bought two of these for my 14 and 11 year sons for $200 each from Home Depot, yes Home Depot. I will admit right off the slow speed tracking sucks but they handle like a go cart on the water.

  36. Vivian

    Great kayak – Great kayak! I’ve only had I a few months but I haven’t had any problems. I’ve turned it completely on its side and it righted itself without flipping me in the water.

  37. Brian

    Great kayak for lakes and small rivers but.. – Could use a little more leg room. Great for fishing small creeks as its only 10’6″. I’m 5’7″ 230lb and it has great buoyancy. I’m interested in something a little bigger for the bay.

  38. Yaking Preacher

    Preacher loves his Trophy 126 – Have owned my Trophy 126 Yak for 2 full summers now and love it. Stability and tracking are incredible. Family and friends say they love to watch it glide through the water.

  39. Anonymous

    If you don’t want to break the bank on trying out the sport of kayaking, this is the one for you. We have friends that own 5 of these so we bought 2 for ourselves ([@] [$]).

  40. United States

    I picked up one on sale… – I picked up one on sale for $229. I consider myself an experienced paddler that has paddled both canoes and kayaks for over 25 yrs, so keep that in mind.

  41. Power

    I bought one of these five years ago, worked excellent on ponds, calm rivers, and lakes, fairly durable, and stable, never felt unsafe. ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  42. Davek44379

    The journey 10 SS is… – The journey 10 SS is incredibly fun to use. It is super light weight, and very easy to transport. It does a fantastic job on the water and is very comfortable.

  43. sjlasley

    I bought this model kayak… – I bought this model kayak 2 years ago after I got my husband into kayaking and couldn’t get him out of my Ascend. First 5 minutes on the water, I thought I’d hate it.


    I give this a 3 because it… – I give this a 3 because it is in the middle of the rating scheme. I got a Journey 10 SS for Christmas and have not actually had a chance to use it yet.

  45. David

    I’ve had the boat for a… – I’ve had the boat for a couple years now and love it. I’m ready to upgrade, but I will keep this one also.

  46. TiffB

    Really enjoyed this kayak – Great kayak, comfortable and stable in the water. Easy to fish from. Fairly lightweight, as my husband was able to carry it by himself.

  47. BigTMan

    Great kayak – A very Comfortable kayak with more than enough storage at a great price.

  48. Fishing Fun

    Great fun! – Really nice kayak! Easy to steer; easy to get in and out of. It was kind of sketchy at first but once you find your center of balance, no problems! Look forward to many more adventures :-).

  49. Nick Miller

    Great little kayak – Great kayak for the casual kayak user. I had looked at a few and this offered the best value to me and I was not disappointed. It is a very stable and easy to paddle kayak.

  50. BusyMom,

    We love them. Such a great product and price!.

  51. Anonymous

    many water miles and… – many water miles and recreation on several lakes handles tight in all situations, balanced to please and easy to load and unload.

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The Sun Dolphin Journey 10 Sit-on Angler Kayak Grass, Paddle Included, is great for lakes and rivers and to get to those excluded fishing spots. It's lightweight and easy to carry to your fishing location. This Sun Dolphin Journey 10 kayak tracks and paddles with ease while offering maximum stability. It's made of rugged UV-stabilized High Density Polyethylene. This Sun Dolphin Angler kayak includes a P.A.C. (Portable Accessory Carrier) that can be used as extra storage.

  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Material of Sun Dolphin Journey kayak: rugged UV-stabilized High Density Polyethylene

Great for lakes and rivers. Lightweight, easy to carry. Tracks and paddles with ease while offering maximum stability. Rugged UV-stabilized Fortiflex High Density Polyethylene. Two flush mount rod holders. One swivel rod holder. Large open cockpit. Adjustable padded seat. Storage compartment. Shock cord deck rigging. Adjustable foot braces.Water bottle holder. Protective thigh pads.

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  • Great for lakes and rivers and to get to those excluded fishing spots
  • Lightweight, easy to carry.Retractable carrying handles
  • Tracks and paddles with ease while offering maximum stability
  • P.A.C. (Portable Accessory Carrier). Capacity-250 pounds
  • Two flush mount and one swivel fishing rod holders
  • ***IMPORTANT – phone number is needed to schedule a delivery appointment***
  • ***Important information when placing your order***
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