Lifetime Zenith 10 Kayak, Orange

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Lifetime Zenith 10$179.99No Reviews
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Lifetime Lancer 100 Sit-In Kayak (Paddle Included),$2254.3 / 5
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Lifetime Zenith 10$179.994.5 / 5
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Lifetime Zenith 100 Sit-In$450No Reviews
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Lifetime Zenith 10 Kayak, Size:$179.99No Reviews
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Lifetime Hydros 101 in. Kayak (orange) 2 pk with$594.164.9 / 5
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Lifetime Kokanee Kayak (Orange)$488No Reviews
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Lifetime OD Green Sport Fisher Kayak with Paddles and$436.924.3 / 5
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56 reviews for Lifetime Zenith 10 Kayak, Orange

  1. cliffhanger

    Great beginner kayak for anyone – I bought these kayaks for a lake trip with my dad and it was fantastic. You don’t cut through the water like a regular kayak, you more float on top but you still move very easily and feel very.

  2. Son Of a Hillbilly

    Great all around Kayak! Very stable and tough! – I love this kayak. I have fished from a 17′ canoe and always felt uneasy and thought I was going to tip it over.

  3. Superish Mom

    Great kayak for LA lakes and bayous! – I bought two of these for my son and husband for Christmas. They fish out of the various lakes, canals, bayous, and rivers in Southeast LA and love them! They maneuver easily and the rod holders.


    Love the Kayak except… – Ordered the kayak online. The Academy Sports folks were great to work with. The kayak is terrific with one glitch. The snaps ion the straps that hold the seat in position are inadequate.

  5. John in TX

    Love it! – This is my first kayak. My problem has been that I couldn’t find one comfortable for my bad back and leg hamstrings that are tight.

  6. brian,

    great kayak tracks very strait – Bought this at Walmart wasn’t sure I had bought one of the cheap sundolphins s that will not track strait . I was not disappointed I’m 6foot and 278# and have no problems paddling around the.

  7. St Petes fl

    Perception access 9.5 kayak – One of the two kayaks that I purchased had a small guage near the seat. The color was not like the pictures a reviewed on the website.

  8. Redbeard51

    Great Kayak – I’ll start off by saying I’m 6’4 and 260 pounds. I took this kayak out for a 7 hour float fishing for small mouth.

  9. Voe332a,

    Great product – Bought this yesterday afternoon and put it in the water this morning. Easy to handle. Tracks well and takes boat wakes (slow) very good. Comfortable. I like that it came with a paddle.

  10. jrcrwilson

    Amazing kayak! – I bought this kayak for my husband who doesn’t really like the water but now loves kayaking with us! He said this was the best money ever spent. Very stable, well built, and worth every penny!.

  11. Kayakfam

    Amazing Ride! – I bought this online in July ’17. Arrived sooner than expected. DHL shipping did a perfect job. No dings or scratches during delivery. Now- to the kayak. I have ridden in a few different kayaks.

  12. SueG

    Great Kayak – I bought this kayak about a month ago & took it out a couple of times. I love this kayak! It was pricier than I wanted to pay but the features make it well worth the cost.

  13. Chuckie

    Great all around fishing kayak – Bought my Pro 120 a year ago for local bass fishing. It is my favorite of three I own. It is fast, tracks well and does great on lakes and rocky creeks.

  14. Burnsyb2084

    Lifetime kayaks make for a Lifetime of memories – I bought this kayaks on a whim. And I’m thankful I did because it has provided a tremendous sense of peace in my life. I now have 3 of these kayaks to share the experience with family and friends.

  15. Jade

    Great First Kayak – I got this kayak for my birthday about a year ago. I had never owned one before and I did a lot of research on it. This one seemed pretty awesome for begginers and intermediate.

  16. Aclary6623

    Great starter peddle kayak – For perceptions for peddle kayak I’d say it was a good one they stuck with the traditional pescador style and redesigned the center portion of it for the pilot drive. That bieng said I’m 5’6.

  17. JScott

    Great value – I have 5 hard shells but wanted these (bought 2) for road trips, just in case. So many times my wife and I have been somewhere without a kayak and wished we had one.

  18. MattinHouston

    Incredible Deal – Ok. This is a brand new tandem, with seats, that floats and retails at less than $400. The 5 star review could end here. But it doesn’t because it’s actually really nice.

  19. tonymichelle123

    Was looking for a cheap basic kayak and this is more than worth the money I paid!… Show Full Review This action will open a modal dialog.

  20. Jose

    Plenty of room – Brought this a month ago my 4 year old loves it.plenty of room.

  21. Mdc0920

    Great Kayak – For the money you are not going to find a better 12 foot, large load kayak! I love touring on mine. Rough water or smooth it handles like a champ!.

  22. Floating Carrot

    Great Little Kayak – This is a good little kayak. Its not going to win any races, but it is easy for me, a 5’5″ woman, to carry up three flights of stairs and haul on top of my Prius.

  23. Houston

    Perfect for camping multiple nights. – Very stable and plenty of dry storage for camping trips.

  24. lexsalem

    Bought this kayak two months ago(wish I would’ve waited for the boat sale), and it exceeded my expectations. It was great in the calm waters of the lake I usually kayak in.

  25. Jevans7

    Great kayak! – I love his kayak and recommend it to anyone! It is affordable and lot of fun!.

  26. JessJo

    I bought two of these during the memorial sale one in teal and the other orange for my daughter ( she is 13) and I and they are great starter kayaks my only gripe is they are a little on the.

  27. Vm55

    Great kayak!! – I bought one and just going over it, reading reviews, and planning opportunities to take it out with my wife. I went back and bought another one!! So we now have two perception-predator 12′.

  28. Tojo

    Excellent value! – I purchased this kayak in June 2018 and it has been great. It has lockable storage on the front and rear. It comes with two accessory rails and a mountable rod holder.

  29. Peep,

    My nephew loves it! Haven’t saw it personally( bought online) but he says its much bigger than his standard kayak.spends most weekends fishing with it.

  30. Ohyo

    Bang for buck – One of the best kayak I’ve ever used. Lacking on features however add what you want.

  31. Chadfishing

    Best bang for buck – The catch 100 is my first kayak ever and I was nervous about it at first but love this thing it is stable I can fish from it all day. I have lower back problems and the sweaty that comes with.

  32. Nick,

    Fantastic Value! Great Kayak. – I looked at a few kayaks Pelican, Sundolphin, and Lifetime when I was ready to get one (actually two). After reading a lot of reviews, I settled on the Lancer 100.

  33. Fish hawk

    We bought 4 of the Lifetime Zenith Kayaks in June of this year and have already gotten our money’s worth. This kayak tracks very well in the water(Chesapeake Bay and tributaries).

  34. mjgayhardt

    My wife and I each got one of these, I did a lot of research and found most of the reviews were good. We went to Dicks to get a different brand but when we sat in the Zenith, we found that.

  35. KiwiRox

    I think this is a great starter kayak. I’m new to the sport and I just want one for recreational use anyway and this one is perfect for that. Plenty of space in the cockpit, easy to steer.

  36. Etcl

    Very stable – My husband has been out on it once so far and really liked it. He was afraid he wouldn’t be able to stand up but he tried it out and everything went great. He said it rode comfortably.

  37. Manuel79

    The BEAST! – I’ve owned my Catch 120 for almost 3 years now and I have seen my friends go through several kayaks only to end up getting a Catch 120 themselves. I’ve fished lakes, rivers, creeks, ponds and.

  38. girlcanfish

    Great for bass fishing – I bought this last year because of a bad back. I needed something lighter that could fit in the a small SUV.

  39. A fisherman

    A company worth buying from – On top of great products they provide great services. I’ve had my kayak nearly 5 years now and it had a few defects I was willing to look over for a while.

  40. jefforycb

    This was a Father’s Day gift! My 1st Kayak and now I’m totally hooked! Already went out and bought another one, so I can have company on the water! I was surprised at the quality of this Kayak.

  41. Josh

    Such a great kayak for such a great price! – I’ve had this kayak for about 3 years now and it’s done great. I’ve kayak camped for a week and it had no problem carrying all my great in and on top while still providing stability and.

  42. Yoflip

    Good Value…some cons. – I’ve had this for about 2 months and have been on lakes and a 4 day river trip. This boat is stable and can hold a lot of gear. Good for fishing.

  43. Superjr345

    For the strong. – Recently bought this(May 2019) to go down rivers. First time use was great and so on. It submerged in the river only because I was a jacka and rode it down a cliff.

  44. nebur

    My wife and I bought 2 of these 2 weeks ago. She had been in kayaks before, while I had not. But being a navy veteran I was up,for the challenge.

  45. Groundnpound

    I bought 1 for my wife and 1 for me. I’m 6’4″, 240lbs and the kayak accommodates my size fairly well. My wife is 5’7″ and about 130lbs.

  46. NJKayaker

    Premium Kayak at Value Price – Spent about a year researching various kayaks in this domain but ended up going with the Old Town Topwater 106 PDL for a variety of reasons. The price is phenomenal and is loaded with all of.

  47. Ponderoni

    Great on the lake for fishing – I took it out for the first time and paddled for over 4 hours with no problems.

  48. mick3

    Light, maneuverable, great back rest – Advertised with adjustable foot rest but they are molded at fixed increments. I find them pretty narrow where my feet slip frequently. Otherwise a decent starter kayak.

  49. Tanking79

    Nothing fancy, but gets the job done! – My son and I picked up 2 of these to fish in a couple large ponds and spillway. We’ve caught several largemouth bass while sitting in these and have no issues with stability or room to maneuver.

  50. JBsav

    Zenith 10 kayak – Basic kayak but a great value! Really like the seat and the seat back. My kids, teen age boys had a blast.

  51. NJG1

    Great Price – Great kayak for a great price. Nice and stable for the water.

  52. Szafran

    Kayaks – Purchased 2 kayaks on July 4th. Great price and product, could not be happier with my purchase.

  53. Canadian bacon

    Part replacement – I lost the snap attachment for the back support on the seat for my kayak.

  54. Charlie Brown

    Great for Price – I have had mine for about eight months and been a good beginner fishing kayak. I have been white water kayak for years and wanted a starter fishing kayak to see how we’re with pedal system.

  55. JustinU1X

    My new favorite pastime! – I was on the fence about getting a kayak but I’m glad I did. It’s been the best summer of fishing that I can remember.

  56. Happypaddler

    Great Kayak for the Money – I bought this kayak 2 weeks ago and have taken it out once but love it. I’ve owned 4 kayaks and rented or borrowed a couple others and am very satisfied with my purchase.

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