lifetime zenith 100 sit-in kayak

Lifetime Zenith 100 Sit-In Kayak Review-What You Should Know

If you are looking for an entry-level model that is easy on your wallet and gives you the opportunity to “test the waters,” as it is, you can go for the Lifetime Zenith kayak. It is relatively inexpensive, coming in at approximately $180, and it possesses all of the features that one might desire while lazing about on a lake or river.

It has a huge cockpit with footrests, an adjustable backrest, and a storage system that is covered and located at the back of the vehicle. The only thing that is truly lacking is a cup holder, but it is something that can be added at a later time.

With a significantly lower price, it provides a great advantage, especially if you’re just getting started with kayaking and don’t want to make a significant investment right off the bat. The design of the Zenith kayak is such that it is simpler to draw a straight line along a lake.

You know you have gotten your return on the investment if you purchase a kayak along with a paddle, an array of dry bags, and a life jacket designed specifically for kayaking. It is ideal for a leisurely float on a weekday or a journey of seven miles down a fairly active river.

Continue reading for a more in-depth and comprehensive Lifetime Zenith 100 sit-in kayak review.

The Built

The Lifetime Zenith Kayak is a watercraft with a length of ten feet that emphasizes both convenience and performance. It features a seatback that can be adjusted for even greater levels of comfort. Bungee cords and an oval storage hatch are both included in this product. Bungee cords provide additional storage space. In addition, it has toggle handles on both the front and back, as well as molded-in handles on both sides, making it much easier to travel. It has a detachable seat back and seat pad that can be adjusted for your comfort.

The overall keel in the Zenith is flatter. This indicates that the Zenith kayak is capable of traveling in a linear fashion across a body of water such as a lake.

The design offers excellent navigation and stability, as well as numerous footrest positions to accommodate paddlers of varying heights. The boat is constructed of high-quality UV-protected high-density polyethylene.

Additionally, in comparison to the cockpits of other kayaks of a similar design, this one is significantly more spacious. Because it is more oblong, there is a greater possibility that you will carry on water through the cockpit, particularly when there is a strong wind.

The Drain hole

The Lifetime Zenith kayak utilizes a removable piece of rubber that is tethered to the kayak in such a way that it is difficult to misplace. The drain system is much simpler to use, but it does have a tendency to pop open while you are out on the water, which could cause water to get on board if the waves were particularly rough.


The Lifetime Zenith 100 sit-in kayak has a storage capacity in the rear that can be obtained through an oblong hole that is coated with a rubber-ish cap-strapped down with straps. This storage space is accessible when the kayak is in the stowed position. In the event that water enters the kayak via the cockpit, it has the potential to let water into the storage capacity.

It is equipped with 2 elastic strings that can be stored in a way that allows them to cross over the kayak bow. Because the elastic is secured, whatever it may be you want to store will need to be slid under the elastic and secured there.


The backrests and seatbacks that come standard on the Zenith kayak can be removed and positioned however best suits your needs. The structure is quite similar to that of other kayaks.

However, a paddle is not included in the package; therefore, you will need to add approximately $50 to your total cost to purchase one.

The Front Bungee that comes standard on the Lifetime Zenith 100 sit-in kayak is more than adequate for securing items that are not properly fastened. In addition to that, there is an oval hatch underneath the deck that provides additional storage space. For convenience in transporting the kayak, both the front and rear of the Zenith come equipped with T-handles.


The kayak tracks well and has the adequate speed for its purpose intended. It would fit people who are smaller well, but not people who are much larger. The maximum weight limit is 275 pounds, and if you’re too close to that, you will notice a significant decline in momentum. Be sure to purchase the drip rings for the paddle because they do not come with the kayak. If you do not, both your hands and the kayak will become soaked. All in all, it is a budget-friendly kayak that is perfect if you are a beginner.

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