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Yeti Tundra 75-Quart Cooler –$449.99#51,901 in Sports & Outdoors
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Yeti Tundra 75 Cooler -$399.994.9 / 5
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YETI Tundra 75,$349.990 / 5
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YETI Tundra 75$449.994.9 / 5
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YETI Tundra 75$449.99No Reviews
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BRAND NEW YETI Tundra 75 Quart Cooler White Free Shipping!$449.995 / 5
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75 Quart RUGID$9.95No Reviews
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BRAND NEW YETI Tundra 75 Quart Cooler Tan Free Shipping!$449.995 / 5
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YETI Tundra 75 Quart$449.99No Reviews
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ProductSellerPriceSeller RatingProduct Page
Yeti Tundra 75-Quart Cooler -$449.994.7 / 5
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Yeti Tundra 75-Quart Cooler -$449.994.7 / 5
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YETI Tundra 105 Cooler -$479.994.8 / 5
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YETI Tundra 45 Cooler Tan, One$299.994.8 / 5
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YETI Cooler Top Cutting Boards - YETI Tundra$127.88No Reviews
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YETI Tundra 65 qt Insulated Cooler,$349.994.8 / 5
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Frosted Frog 75 QT Rotomolded Cooler (Colors: Cool Gray)$219.99No Reviews
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YETI Tundra Haul -$399.994.7 / 5
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YETI Hopper Flip 8 -$199.994.7 / 5
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Orca TP075ORC 75-Quart Cooler -$349.994.7 / 5
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24 reviews for Yeti Tundra 75-Quart Cooler – Tan

  1. ATV1,

    YETI not only bear tuff, but aligator tuff, too. – I had always thought I would like a Roadie, and when you came out with the limited edition seafoam one, I just had to get one. I love it! AS you can see from the picture, it scares the aligator.

  2. sfish,

    The Perfect Cooler – I bought this a month ago and used it on a 2 week van trip. I have had other high end coolers by competitors, but none of them worked as well as the Yeti.

  3. Cojack32,

    Worth every dollar – I’m just a 21 year old blue collar guy who enjoys bass fishing on the weekends. I started by purchasing a Coleman cooler thinking it would work.

  4. Obesquatch

    We just used this for a weekend get away, worked great. Ice and cold water lasted for 3 days (it is winter, will test in summer to), fit plenty of food and drinks, the sliding food cage is.

  5. Tmarlow,

    Mad I didn’t buy it sooner! – I bought this cool for my husband for his birthday. I wish I would have bought the bullet and bought it years ago! We camp almost every weekend and recently went on a weeks trip to the GA coast.

  6. Chip757,

    Locked and loaded – My Tundra 50 hasn’t left the back of my truck since it was delivered (thanks to the locking bracket & security cable lock). Can’t wait for duck season and put it in the boat.

  7. Jcsoto1229

    I go this for Father’s Day I love it Looking forward to my birthday ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  8. trisha2

    Used this cooler for the long holiday weekend. Did not have to go buy ice every day like I did with our other coolers. It kept the ice cold longer.

  9. Shadowmaster

    Bought the Yeti Tundra 75 cooler specifically to transport some frozen meat from Michigan to New Mexico for our son. Filled the cooler with frozen meat and ice to near capacity.

  10. Anonymous

    I was hesitant on this purchase due to the high price but my husband had been wanting to purchase it so we did. We bought one this past summer and it has been worth every dollar spent.

  11. ATX Jonesy

    I’ve got a Hopper 20 and Hopper 30 “soft coolers” and have never been disappointed with either one during my river and golf excursions. So I finally pulled the trigger and got the Yeti.

  12. Bferg

    As a fishing guide I work my coolers very hard, and demand to performance. I’ve tried other similar coolers but nothing stands up to the YETI. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.

  13. Bob321

    I just purchased a new boat it fish in the Atlantic off the coast of central Florida. We spent a good portion of the day trolling in the hot Florida sun.


    I bought my Tundra 50 for the soul purpose of keeping my water and electrolyte beverages colder for longer periods of times without having to keep icing them down. My Tundra sits between the.

  15. Cmtrav

    Great product! Easy to carry and holds a everything you need! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] ✔ Yes, I recommend this product. Originally posted on YETI.

  16. Icemannn

    We purchased a Yeti Tundra 75 two months ago. I have been wanting one for a long time. BIG disappointment. We filled it up with drinks food and ice and the ice was water in hours.

  17. anonymous_7

  18. Hambone97

    Best cooler on the market very pleased with the product ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  19. Cody Lancaster

    Prefect size to keep plenty of beer cold while still fitting perfectly in the back of a Jeep JKU ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  20. Mikem316

    So glad we went with the 75, the build quality is awesome. Holds 2 cases of beer if packed right. Took on a week Long Beach vacation and kept in room with ice from first day arriving.

  21. Judson Northern NH

    First Yeti is a bag cooler with the top zipper not the side. Hold ice 2 days no problem. 3rd day little ice but still cold beverages. I’ve seen 5 days no problem 65 degrees kept in the shade.

  22. James Murray

    I am very pleased with my purchase. It holds up well in the environment we put it in. ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  23. Yeti Guy

    As with the numerous other Yeti products I own, this too is fantastic! Keeps ice, super strong and, all of that. But, I have a gripe.

  24. Anonymous

    We regularly have shop party’s and I always fill my yeti full of beer and Ice for everyone to enjoy around the ranch, well I left it in our shop for our next event and walked out of our house.

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The YETI Tundra® 75 keeps wild game colder than cold after a day hunting. Wherever you take it, the bear-resistant design of the Tundra 75 cooler will protect your food, drink, or catches from burly party crashers of any stripe. It's rugged, rough, and ready to take on the wild. So whether you adventure by land or by sea, the Tundra 75 is the last cooler you'll ever need.

The YETI Tundra 75 is the outdoor cooler that's ideal for keeping your family and friends fed and hydrated, able to hold up to 50 cans with recommended 2:1 ice-to-contents ratio, briskets, or fishing limits easily

The Rotomolded Construction makes the Tundra armored to the core and virtually indestructible so wherever you decide to take it, this portable cooler’s sturdy construction will stand up to the rigors of the journey

All Tundra coolers feature T-Rex Lid Latches constructed of heavy-duty rubber so you’ll never see another busted latch and has patented keeper technology

The Tundra 75 dimensions are 33 1/4 in long x 18 in wide x 18 in high with an empty weight of 34 lbs NOTE: All Tundra models come standard with one dry goods basket.

  • Ice stays ice thanks to up to 3 inches of PermaFrost Insulation and an extra thick FatWall design is certified Bear-Resistant