The Best Tips (And Destinations) For Camping With Dogs

The Best Tips (And Destinations) For Camping With Dogs

The pets often become part of the family, so it is important to give affection, attention and the best products that generate you a well in the environment where they will live with us. It is very important to keep them neat and polite; have fun with them in the best way with resistant toys that do not generate any damage.


The best tents for camping with dogs should check all of the following features before buying


Carp made of cloth. Structure made of wood. Color blue. White interior with black dots design. Smooth surface. Contrast matte. Decorative and functional. Rectangular shape. Easy armed. For dogs or cats of medium or small breeds. Comfortable.

That tent should offer you a wide catalog with products of necessity. Reliable and durable that can become your allies when doing your daily activities without any problem.


Have you thought about going camping with dogs this spring/summer? It is a very good option. It is economical, healthy, fun, and relaxing. In addition to being in direct contact with nature, it is surrounded by mountains, green landscapes, and incredible views.


Choose Destination (And Camping)

The Best Tips (And Destinations) For Camping With Dogs

Dogs are not welcome at all campsites, so we have put all our strength and enthusiasm into searching and creating a list of dog certified campsites where your dog is as welcome as you. Here, you will find the policy of access to super detailed dogs, with all the info of where you can stay with your pet: in the pitches for best tents for camping with dogs, in the plots for caravans/motor homes and/or in the bungalows/mobile home.

My Dog’s Suitcase

The Best Tips (And Destinations) For Camping With DogsIt seems simple and obvious, but there are times when we get lost in things that are of great value in a nature getaway.


  • Don’t forget your sanitary primer, your harness, your collar, and your strap.
  • Add to your luggage your usual food with folding feeders and drinking troughs (they are more comfortable if one day you go on an excursion).
  • Poop bags, which, although you are in full nature, you have to collect and respect others.
  • Make him feel at home, don’t notice the change too much, and don’t forget his bed, his blanket, and his favorite toys.
  • Do not forget the umbrella, sunscreen, water toys to enjoy on the beach or the river and your towel.

It is important not to forget the first aid kit. The mere fact of being in the field, with dirt, grass, and other natural elements, can bring small wounds, chafing, bumps … to your hairy.


Finally In The Camping With Dog

Yes, you are already at the campsite! Now you just have to disconnect and enjoy your getaway, but remember the following aspects before installing and once installed at the campsite.

  • Find a place with shade to set up your tent that you have chosen us as one of the best tents for camping with dogs or place your caravan, both you and your dog will be more comfortable.
  • Always, always (and more in summer), your dog’s drinking fountain has to be full of water.
  • You can share a tent, each with its mattress or you can take a specific tent for him, protective of both cold and heat.
  • Take care of your hours of rest and your hours of walking, even if you are on vacation you need your moments of nap and games as much as you do
  • Respect other guests; ensure that when you go through the common areas, your dog is tied and very important, the piss and the poops that make them outside the campsite.


Dog Plans In The Camping

Going camping with your dog means days of total connection and increased human-dog bond. You can do a lot of activities and enjoy yourself together outdoors.



The Best Tips (And Destinations) For Camping With Dogs

One of the most common activities, when you go camping, is hiking. The hiking consists only of walking and enjoying the landscape, so it is a plan to do with your dog. Always look for and plan an appropriate route at the level of your dog, so you will both enjoy the way. Take a look at the routes and dog rides that we propose here.


Swim In Sweet Or Saltwater

The Best Tips (And Destinations) For Camping With Dogs

Surely the campsite is very close to some lake, river, reservoir … or some marble beach. A dip is ideal for cooling off after a whole day of walks and games. It will be fun to cool together or just watch how he enjoys swimming.


Play With The Ball, With A Stick, With A Stone

Ball, stick, stone … what else does the object give, as long as it is something that flies and can be picked up and then re-launched is valid to play with your dog, right? Now tell us who is going to get tired before?

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