5 Lightweight Best Tents For A Mountain Trip

If you are planning a mountain trip, a backpacking trip, or a camping weekend with friends, having a sturdy and light tent is essential. It is the best way to guarantee a good rest without adding too much extra weight to your backpack.


North Face Triarch 2

5 Lightweight Best Tents For A Mountain Trip

The North Face Triarch 2 is an ultra-light and high-quality resistant store. It can be used in warm and temperate climates, although it withstands heavy and snowy rains without condensation or ventilation problems. A good option for people looking for a great performance, who plan to make several mountain routes where it is expected that the weather is quite hard.

Mountain Hardwear Ghost Ul 2

5 Lightweight Best Tents For A Mountain TripThe MH Ghost is one of the stores for two lighter people on the list. This tent is considered to be the best tent and a perfect option for backpackers and mountaineers looking for a light, self-supporting, and easy to assemble the tent. It is built with special ripstop nylon, which is especially durable, protecting the store from bumps, scratches, scratches, etc. The secret of its lightweight lies in the posts, made of ultralight aluminum, which offers great resistance by adding the minimum weight.

North Face Heyerdahl

5 Lightweight Best Tents For A Mountain TripThe North Face Heyerdahl is another great option for adventure travel and hiking. It is a narrow store with an entrance, but it has a large lobby to store backpacks or cook when it is very windy outside. It offers a floor and a roof with very good waterproofness. The mounting system is based on six tensioners that connect 12 points of the store, offering a very windproof system.

Nemo Hornet 2P

5 Lightweight Best Tents For A Mountain TripThe Nemo Hornet 2P is the lightest store on the list, with only 1 kg in weight. Although not exactly cheap, it is a tough and durable option for demanding backpackers and hikers. It is the latest in ultralight self-supporting stores. It offers two doors and two super-practical hallways, without adding weight.

MSR Hubba Hubba NX

5 Lightweight Best Tents For A Mountain TripThe MSR Hubba NX has been one of the most popular backpacker stores for a long time. The new model is lighter and more practical (and somewhat more expensive). It is one of the best options in the mid-high range. The interior feels very spacious, and it has a very comfortable height that allows you to move inside comfortably. In addition, it offers two spacious hallways to store the backpack and kitchen utensils, providing even more space and comfort.


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