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Perception Rhythm 11.0 Kayak,$549.00#531,809 in Sports & Outdoors
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Perception Rhythm 11.0$499.994 / 5
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Perception Rhythm 11.0$499.994.1 / 5
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PERCEPTION Rhythm 11$0No Reviews
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44 reviews for Perception Rhythm 11.0 Kayak, Green

  1. onesweetshot

    2010 Perception Rhythm 11 Sport I just bought this kayak, which is available… – 2010 Perception Rhythm 11 Sport I just bought this kayak, which is available at Dick’s Sporting Goods, and had it out on the water almost immediately. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised!.

  2. crausch

    I bought 2 of these about… – I bought 2 of these about a month ago. I have had them out 4 times now.

  3. tcsspitts

    I purchased a Rhythm 11 in… – I purchased a Rhythm 11 in August. This is the first kayak I have owned, and I wanted something myself, my wife, or daughters could handle as beginners.

  4. nymtber

    This is an update to my… – This is an update to my previous review. And it got worse. While it’s a great kayak, and VERY stable, tracking is just poor at best.

  5. jsetzer

    Picked this boat up at… – Picked this boat up at Dick’s last week during their sale for $399. All together I am very pleased with this craft after my first short paddle.

  6. markkayaker

    I’ve had my Rhythm 11 for… – I’ve had my Rhythm 11 for nearly two years now and have been very pleased with its performance. I generally kayak calm rivers, lakes and ponds with no problems.

  7. rnsparky

    Was looking for a cheap… – Was looking for a cheap boat and boy does the Rhythm fit that criteria. The poor – Cheap seat back, no cup holder with the seat, and no paddle park.

  8. gfdbiker

    Inexpensive kayak with not… – Inexpensive kayak with not a lot of extras. Average tracking. The kayak is pretty stable and has adequate storage for a recreational boat. I am 6’3″ and am able to be fairly comfortable.

  9. Philnsc

    Great boat at a good price… – Great boat at a good price for a beginning paddler. I have had it on flat water as well as some 1’s or 2’s so far & it has done the job well.

  10. bubbagates

    Just had mine out for the… – Just had mine out for the first time in a fairly slow moving river. I’ve read reviews both here and on other places that say it always wants to turn to the left.

  11. jrcrwilson

    Amazing kayak! – I bought this kayak for my husband who doesn’t really like the water but now loves kayaking with us! He said this was the best money ever spent. Very stable, well built, and worth every penny!.

  12. Lajshxyievdgxuak

    I love it!! – This is my first kayak and I love it. Really sturdy, hold my weight and a full cooler which is awesome, and all of my fishing gear.

  13. Cascade Matt

    The Rhythm 11 is the first kayak I’ve bought after years of rentals and is the perfect all around boat for any skill paddler. It is super rugged for those accidental scrapes with hidden boulders,.

  14. MelodyO

    Love My Pelican Argo 100 – I started kayaking last year using rentals each time I’d go out. I decided to purchase my own but found the research to be overwhelming.

  15. Mike

    Adding to my review below (and agreeing with Bill’s), I just took this kayak on a week long trip to … Show Full Review This action will open a modal dialog.

  16. Floating Carrot

    Great Little Kayak – This is a good little kayak. Its not going to win any races, but it is easy for me, a 5’5″ woman, to carry up three flights of stairs and haul on top of my Prius.

  17. Houston

    Perfect for camping multiple nights. – Very stable and plenty of dry storage for camping trips.

  18. Shannon

    Great value for large person – I bought this as my first kayak. so far so good. it does have a problem with the tracking but not a terrible problem, would also like a little more storage.

  19. jorrdygirl

    I bought this kayak as an upgrade from a Sundolphin Aruba. I wanted something that was faster, had more storage and easier to paddle.

  20. Lori from Houston

    Great Fun – I have had my Kayak for 2 months now. The hardest thing I have encountered was learning how to get in and out of my Kayak, but with a little help from youtube I mastered it in no time.

  21. 2Picky

    I love this kayak (it is… – I love this kayak (it is my second, the first is an Ocean Kayak). It is light enough and responsive.

  22. Aust

    Great for the money – Pros: I think for the 10′, $300 class this has all you need and a little more. It’s surprisingly comfortable ( I’m 6’0″, 220 lbs ).

  23. Tojo

    Excellent value! – I purchased this kayak in June 2018 and it has been great. It has lockable storage on the front and rear. It comes with two accessory rails and a mountable rod holder.

  24. KevinFoo

    Been kayaking for years so here is my take. First it is easy to get in. It tracks well. It is stable. You don’t get wet. Paddles easy. Seat is good. But some say it hangs a left.

  25. Yamma Mama

    Kayaking Adventure – Glad to have the chance to use this on different types of water challenges and it handled great.

  26. WVGannie

    I have owned my Perception Rhythm for almost 2 years now. I had never been in a kayak before in my life.

  27. WVGannie

    Excellent Kayak for Beginners – I have owned my Perception Rhythm for almost 2 years now. I had never been in a kayak before in my life.

  28. JohnJohn

    Worth the money – This was just what I was looking for. The kayak is reasonably priced, stable, comfortable, and sturdy. It moves really well through the water.

  29. girlcanfish

    Great for bass fishing – I bought this last year because of a bad back. I needed something lighter that could fit in the a small SUV.

  30. Timma

    Great product – Took it out for the first time yesterday and it was amazing. I was out for 3 hours+ and the seat was very comfortable it never bothered me once and my back was great!.

  31. JayK

    Good kayak for the money! – My wife and I both have the Argo 100x and we are both well pleased. Tracking is good, not perfect and I have returned a kayak for not tracking good enough.

  32. Cindy

    Vapor is great buy. – I’ve had this in red and several Perception sit ins. This is much much lighter and maneuverable than our more expensive ones. We fish and have tall family.

  33. Josh

    Such a great kayak for such a great price! – I’ve had this kayak for about 3 years now and it’s done great. I’ve kayak camped for a week and it had no problem carrying all my great in and on top while still providing stability and.

  34. Superjr345

    For the strong. – Recently bought this(May 2019) to go down rivers. First time use was great and so on. It submerged in the river only because I was a jacka and rode it down a cliff.

  35. Anonymous

    This is a good kayak for its price. Due to the hull, it doesn’t track the best, but is very good for beginners or an occasional kayaker.

  36. kat15

    Great storage with bulkhead – Recently purchased on sale a few ago and I am happy. I wish I had sales help that knew something about kayaking so I had to figure it out for myself. Like that’s its roomy and has storage.

  37. hskater

    Great for the price. – I purchased a Rhythm 11 kayak a month ago and have taken it out once on a lake. I did not feel that the tracking was terrible as other have written.

  38. miskal

    I am in love… – I just put this kayak in the water last weekend. It was great. It maneuvers wonderfully. Lots of space for stuff.

  39. Anonymous

    I’ve had a Perception… – I’ve had a Perception Rhythm 11 for 4 years now, having had it mostly in Lake Erie, Niagara River, and the Atlantic Ocean off Maine. It’s a great boat.

  40. Dougb357

    Great Kayak – Purchased this kayak about a month ago at an incredible price at my local Dick’s store. Solid, handles great and is comfortable. Looking forward to years of enjoyment.

  41. citykaleta

    This Perception has RHYTHM 🙂 – The Rhythm is a great yak. It looks good,handles easily and is pretty quick.I take it out to Lake Erie with no problems.

  42. Blank

    Great Kayaks – I ordered 2 and got a 100 and 100x the differences are minimal so i dealt with it Great kayaks.

  43. anonymous_37

  44. Pir8Dave

    I Love This Kayak!! – After getting the kayaking bug this summer, I did a bit of research (online and with river kayaking professionals) and decided on this particular kayak. The very next day Dick’s ran a one-day.

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Beginners and more seasoned paddlers alike will love exploring rivers and lakes in the Perception Rhythm 11 kayak. Stay out for hours with the deluxe padded seat, thigh pads and adjustable backrest. Use the adjustable foot pegs to ensure your legs are in the best position for a relaxing day of paddling. The deck bungee and stern hatch are perfect for storing your essentials while you enjoy your day in the Rhythm 11. The Rhythm kayak is 11' long and 28. 5 inches wide and weighs 47 lbs.

  • Perfect for paddling lakes & rivers
  • Deluxe padded seat with adjustable backrest
  • Adjustable foot pegs accommodate different size paddlers
  • Sleek, high-speed design
  • Ample storage with dry hatch and bungee cord rigging
  • Easy carry handles in front & back
  • Boat Length: 11'
Max Capacity

275 lbs.

Boat Size

11'1" x 28.5"