Daiwa Ardito Travel Rod 7ft6in Med-Light Spinning, Size: Medium, Black


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Daiwa Ardito Travel Rod 7ft6in Med-Light Spinning, Size: Medium, BlackAmazon.com$399.99#535,854 in Sports & Outdoors
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Daiwa Ardito-TR 7'6" Medium Light, XFast Action Spinning Rod - ARDT763MLXS-TREbay.com$99.99No Reviews
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Daiwa Ardito-TR 7'6" Medium Light, X-Fast Action 3-Piece Spinning Rod w/ Travel Case - ARDT763MLXS-TRWalmart.com$89.495 / 5
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Daiwa Ardito Travel Rod 7'6" Med-Light Spinning ARDT763MLXS-TREbay.com$129.95No Reviews
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Daiwa ARDT763MLXS-TR Ardito Travel Rod 7ft6in Med-light Spinning (ardt763mlxstr)Ebay.com$130.6No Reviews
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Daiwa Ardito Travel Rod Black 7ft 6in ARDT763MHFS-TR Spin Medium Heavy ActionGroupon.com$129.95No Reviews
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Daiwa Aird X Casting Rod 7ft 2 Piece Medium/Heavy AIRX702MHFBCowboysafes.com$82.99No Reviews
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DAIWA ARDITO-TR 7' Medium Heavy, Fast Action Spinning Rod - ARDT703MHFS-TRPicclick.com$89.44No Reviews
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Daiwa Ardito Travel Rod 7ft6in Med-Heavy Spinning ARDT763MHFS-TRCowboysafes.com$209.99No Reviews
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Daiwa Ardito-TR Travel Spinning Rod ARDT763MLXS-TRFishusa.com$129.994.7 / 5
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Daiwa Saltist Travel SpinUs.seriousfishing.com$155.73No Reviews
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Daiwa Ardito-TR Multi Piece Travel Trigger Fishing Rod, Size: 41 oz, BlackWalmart.com$90.14No Reviews
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Daiwa Ninja X SpinUs.seriousfishing.com$59.195 / 5
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Daiwa Presso Ultralight Spinning Rod PSO902ULFSFishusa.com$79.994 / 5
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Daiwa Spinmatic D Spinning Rod SMD401ULFSFishusa.com$32.994 / 5
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Daiwa Sealine Surf Rod SLSA1002MHFSFishusa.com$57.994.7 / 5
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Daiwa Executive Travel Pack Spinning / Fly Kit ETPSF200-SWF/WNFishusa.com$114.99No Reviews
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Daiwa Ardito Travel Surf Rod 11ft - 5 Piece Medium Action, BlackWalmart.com$83.354 / 5
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Daiwa RG Walleye Spinning Rod RG631MXSFishusa.com$79.995 / 5
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Daiwa Acculite Salmon & Steelhead Spinning Rod ACSS962LRSFishusa.com$44.99No Reviews
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Daiwa Spinmatic D Travel Spinning Rod SMD564ULFSFishusa.com$42.99No Reviews
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Daiwa Presso 7' Ultralight Fast Action Travel Spinning Rod, 2-Piece - PSO702ULFSAmazon.com$64.474.3 / 5
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Daiwa Coastal Salt Pro Surf Rod CLSP902MFSFishusa.com$149.994.4 / 5
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1 review for Daiwa Ardito Travel Rod 7ft6in Med-Light Spinning, Size: Medium, Black

  1. Larry,

    Great Rod !! – This rod feels like a one piece rodvery well madequality componentryI have 2 spinning and 1 bait casting versionjust got back from Wisconsin fishing.caught 3 to 7 lb largemouth.

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Great for traveling, backpacking, or stashing in the car, the Daiwa Ardito-TR Travel Casting Rod features a convenient 3-piece construction and also come with a sturdy Daiwa logo travel case. The premium IM-7 blanks offer excellent sensitivity and power, and the three-piece construction also promotes better rod curvature compared to a 2-piece travel rod. Premium Fuji aluminum oxide guides offer incredible durability, and also facilitate excellent casting capabilities. A proprietary reel seat helps reduce weight, while providing an ergonomic base for your reel, and split grip EVA handles balance out each rod.

It’s been often noted that most of the world’s surface is water – and therefore fishable. Which leaves all of us with a fairly herculean task if we’re going to drop a line in a significant portion. At least the task has grown a little easier now, thanks to the Legend Trek series. With eight performance spinning and casting travel rods designed and built for fresh- and saltwater anglers you can spend your time making flight reservations instead of wondering what rod to bring. Each blank is painted with a rich Belize blue finish and features proprietary St. Croix technology including our SCIV graphite with FRS (Fortified Resin System) plus Advanced Reinforcing Technology (ART). Corrosion-proof components including solid-titanium guides and hook-keepers provide saltwater anglers protection against the elements the world over. Be sure to send us a postcard.

  • Integrated Poly Curve (IPC) tooling technology.
  • Advanced Reinforcing Technology (ART).
  • High-modulus/high-strain SCIV graphite with FRS for unparalleled strength and durability.
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