Woods a frame 3 person 3 season tent

Woods A-frame Tent Review-Here is Why We Love It

We are struck by how well Woods’s camping gear holds up under adverse conditions. Despite the fact that it’s overbuilt for a gentle setting, the sky is beautiful and the forecast calls for a cloudless night of sleeping. In comparison to the brand, which was founded about two centuries ago in the Canadian hinterlands and has been carried on the backsides of some tough men in some tougher climates.

These considerations are based on how well it actually works in ordinary situations. Depending on how well it may function over the course of your vehicle camping weekend.

But what to expect while setting this up around an outdoor campfire that is socially isolated? Overall, if you’re considering an extended journey, you’ve arrived at the correct place. For anyone interested in how a few items might fit into their approaching summer plans, which may involve a few excursions to the local state or national park, here is a detailed view about the Woods A-frame Tent:


Woods was established in Ottawa in 1885. Woods is a family-owned business that has been in the outdoor industry since 1885. The upshot was that the company’s most well-known items were sub-zero parkas and polar camping gear.

Characteristics of Woods A-Frame 3-Person 3-Season Tent

Camping, especially if the weather is bad, is one of the few situations in which it is prudent not to prepare for something worse. The one and only excuse not to prepare for the worst is sheer stupidity. To put it differently, it’s one case of putting up with hardship or indulging in type-two entertainment, but why put up with it if you shouldn’t have to?

Furthermore, it is expecting even more of a significant other, for example, to “enjoy” the same thing. Therefore, put your money where it’s worth investing and get something that will not fly over in a high wind or drip like a sewer when the first storm clouds arrive.

The best thing is to mention from Woods is an A-Frame Three-Person Tent, which we thought was really fantastic. As its name implies, it is the ideal “camping tent,” at least as far as someone who has never used one before is involved. A quick check reveals a plethora of contemporary enhancements.

The mosquito net’s interior of the Woods™ A-Frame 3-Person, 3-Season Tent is made of a water-resistant synthetic material that has been sewed to a thin insect-proof mesh that would keep even a swarm of the worst mosquitoes at bay. An airtight bathtub, assuming you haven’t set up camp in a field of thumbtacks, will keep you dry while you sleep in the comfort of your own bed above the water.

Assembly is the company’s second-most significant asset. If you’ve ever built a tent, even once, you’ll be able to sleepwalk through the A-assembly Frame’s process. (If you don’t know how to use it, instructions are included in the carry bag.) However, its greatest strength is found in its poles.

Modern tents are constructed of lightweight, fishing-pole-like parts that are susceptible to chipping, breaking, and failing in a variety of different ways. Sure, they’re compact, but at what cost? Considering that Woods manufactures outdoor gear for those who don’t reside in Canada, the company isn’t concerned about a few additional pounds of weight. As a result, its tent is constructed of extremely durable aluminum components that fit together with a gratifying clink.

Woods A-Frame Tent is not a lightweight camping tent, nor is it intended to be. It is more of a car-camping arrangement, though it must be emphasized that it isn’t that much more expensive than a backpacker tent when all factors are taken into consideration, as previously said. Finally, the size of the structure deserves to be mentioned.

However, while it purports to be a three-person tent, anyone who has actually spent time in a three-person tent will assure you that two people will be sleeping on the same side of the canvas. The A-interior frame is roughly eight feet by eight feet, and we’d wager that three persons would be very comfortable within if the situation demanded it. You should have no trouble fitting your dog.

The majority of Woods’ gear falls somewhere in between these two extremes: it’s much heavy and bulky for the infrequent camper, but it also has a robustness that’s great to have just for an event.


Woods has established a reputation for producing high-quality, long-lasting accessories. What distinguishes Woods from the rest? It is the exceptional people that listen to the customers, generate ideas, and build fantastic products. This group of individuals innovates on a daily basis to ensure that Woods accessories not only work effectively but are also safe to function and simple to manage as well.

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