Ozark Trail Base Camp 14-Person Cabin Tent, Blue/Tan

Why is The Ozark Trail 14 Person Spring Lodge Cabin is the Perfect Base Camp Tent

Ozark Trail Base Camp 14-Person Cabin Tent Blue Tan is a massive non-freestanding cabin tent. There is plenty of space for a joint family or group of people to stay comfortably. With four rooms, twelve windows, four entryways, and a built-in electric port, you won’t have to live confined in this model. It is designed to meet a camper’s every need, whether you are venturing into the wilderness area or simply enjoying a local camping site.

The tent’s peak height is 78 inches, and it weighs roughly 50 pounds, making it hefty but not excessively so. Given its vast size, the setup process is simpler. The fact that this tent is easy to set up adds to its attractiveness.

Features of the Ozark Trail 14 Person Spring Lodge Cabin Camping Tent

Let’s talk about some other features that make this tent one of a kind:


  • Design structure

This tent has a large floor area because the company did not compromise on space. If you look at the floor layout, there are 5 rooms in total if we include the one in the center.

Judging by the size of the structure, this setup includes a number of poles. The roof has ten fiberglass poles and twelve stainless steel poles. In the hallway, there are three little pockets sewed into one of the walls, as well as a lantern hook.

That concludes the overview of built-in storage. Of course, given the size of the main hall, you will have no trouble organizing and storing your belongings, even if there aren’t a lot of built-in storage options.

  • Size

The Ozark trail 14 person spring lodge cabin has a total interior space of 400 square feet and measures twenty feet by twenty feet. This style includes a few separators that separate the construction into four rooms, each with its own entryway.

You can fit four queen-size beds in those rooms, or you can mix things up by cramming in a kitchen or living room. The multiple bedrooms will provide you and your partner with the required privacy. Your children (if you have any) will have their very own bedroom and can enjoy a happier camping experience..

  • Waterproof

The model has taped seams and can withstand light to moderate rainfall. On all of the windows and doors, there is a double-layer pattern. A large rainfly is included on the roof, which stops directly above the mesh window panels, giving an unobstructed view.

  • Adequate Ventilation

The Ozark trail 14 person spring lodge cabin camping tent includes 12 windows and 4 entrances to ensure that it is adequately ventilated and that suffocation is not a concern. A mesh rainfly is included to improve ventilation while also affording a magnificent view.

  • Aspects of Transportation

The bundle is twenty-eight and a half inches and about fourteen inches when rolled up.

  • Setup Time

This tent offers an easy-to-follow installation method, which is essential for a tent of this size. It takes 30 to 40 minutes for two persons to set it up. Beginners may require a little more time, so estimate one hour.


Factors to Consider While Buying an Ozark Base Camp Tent

Now that you know the specifications, you must be thinking of buying one. Before you do that, keep these things in mind:

What is the tent’s maximum capacity?

Before buying a tent, you should think about its capacity. Capacity should be measured not only by the number of campers but by also taking other factors into consideration.

Always arrange your new tent for one or two people and ensure that each person has enough space to relax comfortably in the tent.

How much the tent weighs?

The weight of a tent is unimportant when purchasing one.

However, keep in mind that heavier tents are often not more durable. So, if you’re ready to carry portable tents, the lightweight design is the best option.

How is the shape and material of the tent?

Ozark Trail 14 person spring lodge cabin camping tents come in two designs. One option is the dome, while another is the cabin. The dome shape is built to accommodate large family campsites. You should never compromise on tent material. Look for tents that are durable and weather resistant.

Check for rainfly, loops, and interior pockets

Your tent will be better protected from the different weather conditions with a rain fly. Even in the summer, it is suggested that you never buy a tent without a rain fly. Interior loops and ceiling loops on the best tents allow you to hold lanterns and make your tent glow in the dark.

Examine the tent’s livability

Tent livability is dependent on the shape of the walls. It will have greater space if there are more vertical walls. Try and ensure the tent’s height is sufficient for the tallest headroom. Consider the size of your tent’s inside. Ensure that everyone feels at ease. The tent’s windows are also important for its livability because they let in the fresh air and provide wonderful views of the outside. For families camping, multiple doors are the ideal option.

Keep these points in mind and you will be good to go.