Top 7 Best Ultralight Backpacking Tents of 2023

At Happier we get asked alot what we think are the best tents to use in different applications. Here is our list in no particular order of the best tents we have chosen from our tested for backpacking and particularly like and recommend for ease of use, construction and lightweight design.

Kelty Dirt Motel Tent

For those who love to play and sleep in the dirt, the dirt Motel is a backpacking tent you can look at. It’s available for two, three, and four-person models. The tent is compact with lightweight features and a roomy interior with the added bonus of an easily adjustable fly for stargazing. 

To set up your dirt motel, stake out the tent body in your primo location. The lightweight hub DAC press-fit pull system is easy to put together. Just lay the poles on top of the tent, matching the color-coded pull segments to the correct corners. Insert the poles into the lightweight connector feet and raise the shelter into place. Add the ridge pole over the top and clip into place, lastly, add the rain fly following the color-coded cork, secure the hook and loop to the poles connect the corners of the fly to the pole hips and then snug it up, finished by staking out your vestibule and going out your head. Now climb inside and get comfortable in the spacious interior. If you want to enjoy a night of gazing at the Stars through the lightweight mesh canopy, you’ll be stoked for this. You can leave it rolled up as you drift to sleep, if you feel a sprinkle, you can easily release these toggles to close out the rain and get back to your restful sleep. 

In the morning, it’s easy to pack away the tent into the convenient double tapered shark mouth carrying bed. The short segments of the poles keep your pack size to a minimum. Light on weight but not on features. Take the Dirt Motel along wherever your one or less takes you. 


Zpacks Duplex Tent

The duplex Tent is a sweet spot when it comes to size, weight, and features. Checking in at only 21 ounces, the duplex tent is one of the lightest two-person tents on the market. The tent is constructed from Dyneema composite fabric previously known as cubit fiber. and comes in four different versions. Olive drab, blue spruce green, and camo. The tent measures 48 inches tall at the piece, giving you plenty of legroom when sitting up inside the tent. 

The duplex has rainbow zipper doors on both sides of the tent allowing for easy entry and quick access to both vestibule spaces. The two-door setup makes it easy to get in and out of the tent without disturbing your partner. This tent has a fully enclosed insect screen. The holes in the screen are super tiny preventing even the smallest of insects from getting into the tent. The four storm doors can be opened or closed independently leave all four open on a nice night for a breeze, and great views, or close up to block the cold wind. For 360 degree protection from the rain, close all four doors. The doors are closed with custom-made metal hooks, they have also added a storm door closure that can be utilized on windy nights to help prevent the doors from flapping in the wind. The tarp overhangs the bathtub floor by four to five inches and calm rain or under wet trees, one or two doors can be left open for airflow without water dripping on the floor space, and almost all conditions at least one downwind door can be left open for air. For even better rain protection with the door open, use the included clips to pull the screen door back away from the rain. 

This tent has a solid sewn in an eight-inch tall bathtub floor measuring forty-five inches wide by seven and a half feet long, providing plenty of space for two average people to stretch out, plus space free gear at the ends of the floor. It’s also the perfect size for one person providing you with plenty of room to spread out and the ability to bring your gear into your tent on a stormy night. the bathtub floor is also made from Dyneema composite fabric. This material weight is twice as thick as the canopy material and is more resistant to abrasion of punctures. A separate groundsheet is not required in the tents. A mesh pocket can be found at both ends of the tent and can be used to store small items like your headlamp, glasses, or phone. There is a screen between the bathtub floor in the walls at the ends of the tarp, an elastic cord keeps the bathtub elevated and sharing the screen slopes downwards away from the bathtub. Any condensation will run down the walls and out through the downward sloping screen rather than onto the floor. The tent utilizes trekking poles to pitch the tent and comes with line lock three adjusters sewn to tie-outs. Bright yellow Dyneema Zee line cord is cuffed for you and installed in the attempt before it ships. The yellow lines are very easy to see day or night and Dyneema has a very low stretch. 


NEMO Hornet Elite

The Nemo Hornet Elite Tent is a Real favorite for many reasons. Let’s start with ultra-light premium 10d coated nylon ripstop. The cozy and dry seamless construction increases its longevity. The no-sew mesh canopy can be a cheap condensation to bugs at bay and turns actually transparent at night for stargazing.  

A single tub interception color-coded pole clip webbing allows for an intuitive lightning-quick setup. Our patent-pending flybar volumizing tool clip is a new addition to hornet elite, automatically increasing interior hood space by widening fancy mashup. Fly bars unique shape is flexible composition that distributes fly tension evenly today. The reflective increases volume at the foot, and protects sleeping bags in all condensation. The ultrafine 7900 stop fly sheet for the tent is coated in a durable silicon water repellent to offer some of the latest most reliable weather protection possible. The large doors and vestibules offer easy access, amplitude coverage for each person. 


Big Agnes Tiger Wall UL2

The tiger wall ultralight Mountain tents are our lightest 2-door to vestibule mat globe backpacking tents. Incredibly lightweight features include the comfort of two doors, two vestibules, and a single-pole design that creates a spacious foot thing. 

The mountain Glo tent lighting provides enough light to read a book or organize gear without blinding your tent. The DAC Featherlite pole architecture creates a strong structure that is light yet spacious. Structured foot-end corners increase the usable space between your feet and tent wall, while the oversized ceiling pocket and media storage create ample and efficient storage space. The dual entry door design paired with the storm flaps on the vestibule zippers keeps your tent dry as you enter and exit. The low bed feature on the vestibule door is a lot for more airflow while still providing maximal vestibule properties. The mountain Glo weighs in at two pounds six ounces on.


MSR Hubba-Hubba NX

MSRs hubba-hubba tent has been a best-seller for more than a decade in a hallmark of the MSR template. The three-season tent defines lightweight livability, weighing in at one point six kilograms or three pounds eight ounces. In addition to keeping packs light, the hubba-hubba NX is ultra livable as its interior provides plenty of head and shoulder room offering spacious comfort whether you’re out for a weekend or a week-long trip in the back country. With its two large vestibules, storing gear outside the tent is easy. Inside stuffed pockets keeps smaller items organized while the loops provide a place to hang lights at night.

The tent features lots of mesh for ventilation and kickstand vents to reduce condensation and increase airflow. For wet days, the tent carries four stayed dried doors with built-in rain gutters. 

All of these comes with exciting new technologies, the hubb-hubba now features premium easton cyclone poles, made of aerospace composite materials. These poles flex under the force of heavy winds and bounce back to shape ensuring your trip can go on. They also added a new Xtreme shield coating for long-lasting waterproof protection. This revolutionary coating lasts up to three times longer than standard coatings so you experience far more seasons of dry comfort inside your tent. Xtreme shield adds a new level of longevity to your Hubba. To Improve the Hubbas performance after your trip completely dry your tent and store it uncompressed in a cool dry space to help prolong its life while they’re packed. With technologies, the Hubba series tents take up little space in your pack and come with a convenient wide mount storage set.


NEMO Dragonfly

With a smartly tapered asymmetrical design that shaves weight, The dragonfly tent offers ample headspace where you actually need it and massive trapezoidal vestibules that take gear storage to the next level. A tall tub floor starts with premium 20d coated nylon ripstop ensuring plenty of privacy and rain protection to keep you warm and dry. Single seam construction ensures greater longevity. 

Integrated 10 deep nylon and no-see mesh sidewalls provide significant airflow for temperature control while keeping condensation and bugs at bay. The black mesh blends into the sky for clear stargazing at night, prevents DAC Featherlite poles keep weight to a minimum while a crossbar and high arching main pole increases the volume at the head, feet, and foot. The color-coded anodized hub poles and matching webbing make for an intuitive ultra-quick setup. Dragonfly premium 15 D nylon ripstop fly is a coated durable silicone water repellent, offering some of the most reliable and durable weather protection possible. Stunning geometry, secure pole snaps, double stake points on the fly doors make them more weatherproof design and superior accessibility. Two massive trapezoidal vestibules have multiple rollback points allowing for various exposure configurations and more gear stashing volume than any other tent in its class. For further preventing condensation, the tent has protected strut vents at the top of each zipper flap, ensuring proper ventilation especially during a storm or when needed most. For convenience, Dragonfly is equipped with two corner air pockets of the head end and a generous Gierlach of the tree. Also included are two light pockets so each partner can turn their headlamp into a tent lantern, providing pleasant glow.

The Divi stuff sack was developed to allow you to split the weight with a hiking partner. For adventurers looking for a superior backpacking shelter that offers a refreshing amount of space where you need it most, Dragonfly redefines through ultralight category and backpacking adventures. And like all Nemo products, your Dragonfly comes with a lifetime warranty so it will last with you through years of adventures.


Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL

The copper spur HV ultralight tents, inspired by the best-selling award-winning Coppers first series. They’ve taken one of the best tents in the back country and made it better. Two large dual zipper doors and double vestibules feature discreet seams allowing for easy entry and smooth closure. With a sleek look, making tent life with companions even easier. 

The four-way high volume hub design increases strength by 25% and the usable interior volume by 20% when compared to previous versions of the coppers. You’ll really notice that in the head and shoulder areas when you sit up or change clothes. The DAC Featherlite NFL pole system with ultralight plastic clips is super fast and intuitive to set up. The flying floor features a unique proprietary random ripstop powered nylon which increases fabric tear strength by 25% and decreases weight and increases water resistance. The media pockets located above the sleeping area enable clean headphone cord routing from phones and other devices. The Coppers HV UL is available in one to four-person models and is fast fly compatible, meaning they can be set up with just supply poles footprints and stakes and used as a very minimal shelter, or shape. The copper spur HV UL is also available in a second color option, Olive. They’ve taken the tried rusted in classic coppers first series tents and made them stronger lighter and ramier so you’ll be more comfortable secure and resting easy.


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