Ozark Trail Family Cabin Tent with Screen Porch

Tent Camping Tips and Tricks

Tent camping is a great way to explore nature by escaping your hectic daily life. However, it can be a troublesome experience if you’re not fully prepared.

We have compiled a list of the best camping tips and tricks. It’ll allow you to improve your setup and have an exciting, comfortable, and safe camping experience.

Consider Weather Conditions

The weather conditions of your selected destination can make or break your tent camping experience. You don’t want to go on a camping trip during bad weather. It will keep you from spending quality time and can also be dangerous.

You should always check the weather forecast to choose the right time for your trip. It’ll also help you pack all the important items you’ll need.

For example, you’ll need waterproof clothing, rainfly, and rain boots if there is a high chance of precipitation.

Pack a Bigger Tent

You must not fall into the trap of bringing a tiny tent to a campsite. You’ll need some extra space in your tent to store your camping gear.

Most tents come with information about how many people can sleep inside them. Consider packing a tent at least one person bigger than you need.

It’ll allow you to keep your camping gear right before your eyes. In addition, you’ll also be able to sleep comfortably.

Ozark Trail Family Cabin Tent with Screen Porch is a big spacious tent that can easily fit in a whole family. Besides, the screen porch allows for that space for doing extra camping activities or just sitting around.

Test Camping Gear at Home

Nothing can be more frustrating than failing to set up your camping tent while you’re at your destination. Trying to sleep under the stars in the wilderness isn’t only difficult, but it’s also dangerous.

We recommend testing your camping gear at home before leaving for the campground. It’ll help you learn the correct way to set up your camp.

Consider testing your gear in your backyard with your kids to help them get accustomed to tent camping.

It’s one of the most critical camping hacks you must never overlook, especially if you’ve bought a new camping tent.

Avoid Overpacking

You’ll be leaving your home temporarily for a camping trip. So, avoid overpacking, or you’ll be worried about managing your belongings all the time.

The main idea of going out on camping trips is to spend stress-free time with your loved ones. You want to pack only the essential items that you can easily manage.

It’ll allow you to organize your inventory conveniently to have easy and quick access. In addition, you’ll also have extra storage to carry your souvenirs.

Always Take a First Aid Kit

Accidents can happen, and the risk of injuries increases when you’re spending time outdoors. Seeking proper medical attention can be extremely difficult in the wilderness.

Therefore, you should always pack a first aid kit to prepare for the worst. It’ll help you patch up minor cuts, treat bug bites, and control allergic reactions immediately.

Make sure that you pack the user’s manual of your first aid kit. You can also read it beforehand to use it quickly and correctly.

Pack Essential Toiletries

Not all campsites have nearby shops from where you can buy essential toiletries. Make sure that you pack your own, including toothpaste, toothbrush, hand sanitizer, dry shampoo, sunscreen, face moisturizer, and toilet paper.

Consider using a reusable sealable bag to store these toiletries for easy access and space-saving. You can also pack anti-bacterial wipes to save both time and water.

Use Stuff Sack

An uncompressed and unrolled sleeping bag takes too much space and will keep you from packing other essential items if you have a small car.

Therefore, you should store your sleeping bag in a stuff sack to save space. Most sleeping bags come with this accessory, but you can buy it separately if needed.

If you’re using a down-filled sleeping bag, consider stuffing it inside the sack randomly. That’s because folding or rolling it can damage its shape.

However, if you choose a bigger tent like Ozark Trail 8-Person Family Cabin Tent With Screen Porch, you would have no need of packing an extra bag because the tent in itself is quite spacious.

Always Cook Outside Your Tent

If you have just started camping, you must not make the mistake of cooking food inside the tent. It can lead to a fire accident that can hurt you badly.

It’s also important to note that burning the camp stove in a non-ventilated space will produce carbon monoxide. It’s a highly poisonous gas that can cause irreparable damage in the worst case.

You must always use your camp stove outdoors to cook food. If it’s raining, use a rainfly or wait but never cook inside your tent.

Take a Hot Water Bottle

If you experience cold feet at night, you’ll find it extremely difficult to sleep while camping in a cold place. Using a hot water bottle will come in handy in such a situation.

You’ll need to use a kettle or campfire to heat water to fill your hot water bottle. Then tuck it inside your sleeping bag to keep your feet warm.

Make sure that you take the bottle out of your sleeping bag before you start to sweat. It’ll turn into moisture, and you’ll wake up colder.


Camping is a lot of fun, but only when you don’t have to deal with unanticipated weather or you forget the most essential things. So, keep these tricks in mind when going on your next camping trip. If you are going with a large group, consider Ozark Trail Family Cabin Tent with Screen Porch. Its built-in porch adds to the convenience and gives you that extra space.

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