Woods Pinnacle Lightweight 2-Person 4-Season Tent

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Product Information

65 reviews for Woods Pinnacle Lightweight 2-Person 4-Season Tent

  1. answermee,

    GOOD FURNITURE – I ordered this online and was ready for pick up in store 5 days later,sooner than I expected. Easy to follow the instructions, it only took husband and I about an hour to assemble it, maybe.

  2. allwaysbroke,

    Beautiful,Sturdy,affordable – My unit came before advertised shipping date,was time consuming to assemble considering i had a 3year old touching everything. but everything was A,B,C,D,labeled so that made putting together.

  3. Raebee,

    Better than expected! – We ordered this for our new HDTV and were SO pleased with the result! We ordered it on Sunday and received it on Thursday. It was easy to track our order on the WalMart website with Fedex Ground.

  4. Lady1ecua,

    This TV stand is a very good bargain! I can’t complain about the price, knowing how solid this TV stand is. My flatscreen is a 52” & it fits perfectly on top.

  5. TSarge,

    Easy to assemble and beautiful piece of furniture – As this was easy to assemble I did make my share of mistakes. The directions are not really clear on some tasks.

  6. SometimesDIYer,

    An excellent value for the $$$ – This product was delivered ahead of schedule during the Christmas season (on a Saturday, no less!). The pieces were all present and accounted for, and unmarred.

  7. Coljam21,

    Great value and great look. – Read all the reviews and loved the way this looked. Was a little apprehensive because many of the reviews said the box arrived with huge gashes and some parts of the actual stand were damaged.

  8. Shopper0076,

    Functional – I like the product it’s functional. It’s looks really good in our living room. However, there are a few things to pay attention to. Make sure u read product information completely.

  9. JustMe75901

    Awesome Tent that works WITH A TOOLBOX INSTALLED!! – I bought this for a trip around Texas where I would stay at various state parks. Tent can be set up by 1 person in 10 minutes!!! But, go ahead & set the tent up once or twice to understand.

  10. AL_Route_Man

    Al_Route_Man_ – Type this product in under youtube and you’ll see me give a full review! Im in love with the tent! I am planning on doing a road trip with it out west sometime next year! In the picture the.

  11. rgmoe22

    Convenient set up – Great tent. Be sure to get right bed size. Very easy to use.

  12. akhuckaby02

    Great except for the zipper – I bought this tent for my 8 year old daughter and 11 year old son. The size was perfect for them and the quality of the fabric of the tent was great.

  13. Ryan

    This tent kicks some serious utility for the size weight that it costs you to carry it. Huge floor space that you can wear your shoes into and out of, plus you can cook inside, (although the.

  14. Peter

    I have been on multiple 20+ day expeditions with this shelter and have been really impressed. It is simple, light and dependable. The hiking pole option for the center pole is huge.

  15. Daniel

    Perfect gear tent, or a massive two person tent for longer trips. You can nearly stand up in it and have plenty of floor space.

  16. bethany

    love this tent for light and fast travel as just a fly or combine it with the bug netting for a roomy tent that will keep the biting critters out. I’ve had a mega mid for years and just bought.

  17. Steve

    I purchased the Mega Light tent, Mega Bug, and optional floor over two years ago. Have used it in vastly different environmental situations, including snow and rain, and must say that I am.

  18. Casey

    There is only one thing to say about the BD mids: they are the pinnacle of lightweight shelter design, bar none.Whether the mission calls for bikepacking, ski touring, wilderness packrafting,.

  19. JohnF

    Want to keep your sanity and stoke level high on your next Alaska adventure while you ride out the storm? The Mega Light is mandatory glacier camping gear and provides you a deluxe kitchen.

  20. Annie

    This is a great lightweight tent for backpacking with a group. If you’re traveling in rainy and windy environments, getting the Mega Bug is pretty essential to stay dry (there is a small gap.

  21. Kyle Smitty

    As if this thing needs a review, I’ll go ahead and toss in my 2 cents. I am a guide in the Frank Church Wilderness in the summer and travel to some remote locations via my whitewater kayak.

  22. Mike

    I first used this tent on a short backpacking trip and loved the simplicity. When it came time to buy a new tent several years ago, I chose this one and got the mega bug as well.

  23. jp

    I have owned this tent for a few years now and it stands up surprisingly well to wind and rain. Replacing the center pole with with the two-ski-pole-joiner-thing works great.

  24. bd777

    Awesome tent! – Relatively easy to assemble. Use in conjunction with high quality blow up mattress. Excellent combination- mattress made for pickup truck bed.

  25. Joshua

    A classic BD staple of everything from ultralight backpacking to ski mountaineering, the Megalight is super versatile. Truly, the only downfall is high winds (can be mitigated with some well-built.

  26. CES of MSC

    Great tent for the price. – I bought this tent to take on a scouting overnighter. It was easy to setup but the poles have to bend so much it makes it hard to setup up alone.

  27. MsMaggie

    Simple, sturdy, secure – This lightweight slice tent was easy to put up and take down; felt sturdy enough for rough camping; appears to be safe and secure in terms of small intruders and rain; and breaks down to a.

  28. Charla04

    Awesome Tent. – We bought this tent a while back and had no idea how it would hold up because at the time there were no reviews on it so we took a chance and I’m glad we did. We stayed in this tent three nights.

  29. olderirish

    shower/bathroom tent – Difficult to set up by 1 person. Goes up easier if you lay it on its side once poles are inserted. Appears well made. Stakes need to be replaced with better made ones.

  30. suma

    I’ve used these on Rainier, Denali, camping in the San Rafael Swell, and for hunting in Colorado and I’ve never been disappointed. Level of Expertise Professional Frequency of use per month:.

  31. mommy2twins1000

    Just What I Needed! – Really happy with the Magellan Outdoors Portable 1 Person Utility Tent. Purchased to use as a camp shower/restroom for a recent camping trip, and it was just what I needed.

  32. POND

    If you have never used a “Mid” style shelter you don’t know what you are missing. light, stable and dry – perfect for 99% of situations.


    I had been needing a solid tarp that I wont have to worry if snow, rain, or wind blow under and swoops it away. The Mega Light is exactly that shelter.

  34. HokieVol

    Reasonable value depending on your needs. – A year ago I bought a Magellan Outdoors Scout tent when they were on clearance. The Scout had mixed reviews – chief problems were the lack of ventilation, which resulted in a lot of condensation.

  35. CampingFan

    Summer tent – This tent is WELL made and VERY roomy. I stand over 6 feet tall and the tent ceiling is about 7 feet. (yes, I know what the specs say.

  36. FX Gagnon

    I love the mega mid! We used it on ski traverse and winter camping as a cooking shelter! I love the simple design. Level of Expertise Professional Frequency of use per month: Less than 2 ✔.

  37. Schultzie

    I’ve used and enjoyed my Megamid for several years. Unfortunately the interior side of the fabric has become extremely sticky/tacky/smelly due to degradation of the waterproof coating.

  38. kmchugh

    I had my first mega light for 7 years and it endured heavy use and a few repairs and re-sealing treatments. I just picked up a new Mid and am happy to spend another 7 years with this shelter.

  39. Larry

    I have been looking for an emergency shelter that will protect me and 2-4 others during SAR missions in the Colorado wilderness. Square tarps were light but hard to set up, and cuben pyramids.

  40. PScott

    Better than I thought it would be. – I bought this tent today may 14 2018, and to my surprise was excited with the performance of the tent. Reeding reviews of the tent not being water proof was a big turn off but I walked out.

  41. Ocow,

    Enjoys it. – My son will really enjoy this. He just put it up yesterday and said from up there he was able to see quite a good way.