Soto Amicus Stove Cookset Combo

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Soto Amicus Stove Cookset$44.99#127,257 in Sports & Outdoors
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Amicus Stove with Igniter and New River Pot$54.954.8 / 5
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Soto New River Pot Combo + Amicus Backpacking Stove Cookset, 1L$94.93No Reviews
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SOTO Amicus Stove w/ Piezo$63.87No Reviews
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SOTO$45No Reviews
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SOTO Thermostack Cook Set$53.99No Reviews
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Soto Amicus$64.96No Reviews
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Amicus Cook Set$45No Reviews
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SOTO AMICUS Stove Without$32.99No Reviews
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Product Information

2 reviews for Soto Amicus Stove Cookset Combo

  1. Ronan

    Great stove, beautiful Japanese engineering – Neat stove with good wind resistance, pot stands spring into place and fold away neatly, without being flimsy. The integrated piezo lighter is very much appreciated.

  2. Sam

    Great compact stove, good 4 arm design for stabili – Exceptionally compact and light stove, smart folding design is great. Stability good with the 4 arms. Much stronger than you would think from the weight and appearance of the stove.

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LOW-COST STOVE WITH HIGH-END PERFORMANCE – This canister stove has many of the capabilities of the more expensive stoves making it an ideal choice for camping and backpacking. A quality stove at a minimal cost that will simmer and mix and match with a variety of different cook pots available today

SHOCK RESISTANT – Stealth igniter installed inside burner post improves ignition and prevents breakage, making this stove compact and lightweight Weight: 2.9 oz (81g)

SUPERIOR UNDER WINDY CONDITIONS – Unique raised ledge at the crown of burner head and concave burner surface boost performance under windy conditions

SPECS – It is compatible with standard isobutane canisters such as Primus, Snow Peak, MSR, and Jetboil. It comes with a Triple O-ring Seal and Metal Seal. Output: 2800 kcal/h 3260w 11000 BTU. Duration: Burns approx.1.

  • SPRING-LOADED POT SUPPORT – 4 pot supports are engineered for easy setup. Stable for the pot

Stealth Igniter

Pot Support Diameter

TriFlex: Outside100 mm / 3.9 in Inside 34 mm / 1.3 in. 4 Flex: Outside 144 mm / 5.7 in Inside 47 mm / 1.9 in

39x39x72 Mm 16x16x28 In

34x46x64 mm / 1.4×1.8×0.5 in

Burn Time

Approx. 1.5 hours with 250 g (8 oz) canister.

Value System

Micro Regulator


2,800 kcal / h or 3,260 W or 11,000 BTU