OzTent RX-5 Tent & Living Room & Floor

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OzTent RX-5 Tent & Living Room & FloorAmazon.com$1759.00#1,859,137 in Sports & Outdoors
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Oztent RX-5 (including Living Room & Zip-In-Floor)Tentworld.com.au$19995 / 5
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New Oztent RX-5 Tent Panel System Floor Camping Hiking High Quality WaterproofEbay.com$2999.98No Reviews
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Oztent RV5 TentDownundercamping.com.au$269No Reviews
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Oztent RX-5 Deluxe 2 Room Tent - ORX5COMBOAEbay.com$1869No Reviews
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Oztent RX-5 30 Second Tent - ORX05TELUAFamilytentcamping.com$1No Reviews
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Oztent RX-5 Deluxe 2 Room Tent - ORX5COMBOAFamilytentcamping.com$1No Reviews
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Oztent RX-5 DeluxeArtemisoverland.com$729.99No Reviews
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Product Seller Price Seller Rating Product Page
OzTent RX-5 Tent & Living Room & FloorAmazon.com$1759No Reviews
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Oztent RX5 Tent | RX-5 30 Second TentFamilytentcamping.com$1099.99No Reviews
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Oztent Rx-5 Deluxe 2 Room Tent - Orx5comboaEbay.com$1699No Reviews
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Rhino Rack Tagalong Tent - TanAmazon.com$629.995 / 5
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Oztent RX-4 Deluxe Tent PackageOffroadpowerproducts.com$1259.99No Reviews
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Oztent 30 Second Expedition 3-4 Person Tent (42 Lb) 8 ft(W) x 6.6 ft(D) x 6.6 ft(H) + 6.6 ft(Awning)Amazon.com$9144.8 / 5
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Oztent RV 5 Tent | Overlanding TentFamilytentcamping.com$899.99No Reviews
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Oztent Tagalong Tent 5 RV AccessoryFamilytentcamping.com$539.99No Reviews
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OzTent RV 5 Deluxe Front PanelAmazon.com$199.99No Reviews
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Oztent RV 1 30 Second 1-2 Person TentFamilytentcamping.com$679.994.8 / 5
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Oztent RS-1 Single Swag TentOffroadpowerproducts.com$449.99No Reviews
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OzTent Eyre 2Amazon.com$8195 / 5
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Oztent 30 Second Expedition 2-3 Person Tent (38 Lb) 6.6 ft(W) x 6.6 ft(D) x 6.6 ft(H) + 6.6 ft(Awning)Amazon.com$8594.8 / 5
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Oztent Eyre E-2 4-5 Person Tent - Ozshteey02Ebay.com$784.99No Reviews
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OzTent Deluxe Front Panels for RV Series Tents - For RV-2Basspro.com$169.99No Reviews
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Product Information

17 reviews for OzTent RX-5 Tent & Living Room & Floor

  1. anonymous_15

    Great kit – We have the RV5 with all the extras. Super fast setup and pack up. Top Quality. These are a long tent so may need to travel on the roof of the vehicle.

  2. anonymous_14

    Great little Challet! – We purchased this from Rays recently with one of there sales, saved a lot and got the 10% store credit. I have set up with the floor saver and just the tent so far.

  3. anonymous_13

    Brilliant top quality tents that are worth every cent! – We purchased 2 RV5 tents with awning connector, mesh ground sheets and peaked side panels earlier this year at a camping show – direct from OzTent. We were considering a camper trailer after.

  4. anonymous_11

    Not happy with warranty – Apparently after we were given an rv5 as a gift the warranty does not apply as we did not purchase it.??.

  5. anonymous_12

    LOVE LOVE LOVE my RV5 – I adore this tent! It’s so fast to set up! I recently took it across the Simpson Desert and it performed to perfection. I can set it up alone which I love.

  6. anonymous_9

    I love my OzTent – I have the rv2 with all the accessories. I am so happy with this tent, it’s strong and well made. It goes up easily, the side panels not so easy but worth the effort to get the extra room.

  7. anonymous_10

    Waterproof? Water absorbent! – We bought an Oztent RV5 in 2008 after looking around at lots of tents and different brands, and were sold on Oztent’s claim that their product is waterproof. We’ve now had this tent for 7 years.

  8. anonymous_8

    Stick with the main tents only – We bought the RV5 and sides and a tag along etc and i am more then happy with the RV5 itself as it is a really good tent. However i wouldn’t give you $5 for the tag along and we would have.

  9. anonymous_7

    Great tent with very little downside – Bought the basic RV5 about 8 years ago and added the Deluxe side curtains and front flap within a couple of camping trips after the first outing. I generally go camping about 4-5 times a year.

  10. anonymous_6

    Very strict on warranty. The Oz tent did not withstand windy conditions. Major FAIL – This was the first time we spent $2500 buying a decent tent, a month and a bit in we put the tent in the back garden, with a gust of wind one of the poles snapped and consequently punctured.

  11. anonymous_5

    Travelled for 4 months in it. Tried and true. – My partner and I took a 30 second oz tent around Australia. Lived in it for 4 months and have camped regularly in this tent for the last 5 years.

  12. anonymous_4

    Loved loved this tent – We used our rv5 to take to Birdsville we loved loved it. We are normally not tent people. Set up was soo easy.

  13. anonymous_3

    RV5 versus 9CV XL – We’re regular campers, minimum four times a year if not more. Normally two weeks at a time. So accommodation is important. We had a 9CV XL for years which is fantastic.

  14. anonymous_1

    Good Tent – I’ve got the RV5 Oztent & have used it for about 6 years – lots of beach camping mainly. Overall a good tent, like anything pros & cons.

  15. anonymous_0

    Oztent RV5 is perfect for families or couples – We have owned an Oztent for over 10 years and have been on countless trips using it in all types of weather. It handles strong winds and driving rain with no issues.

  16. Ruth O’Gorman

    Oztent RX-5 (including Living Room & Zip-In-Floor) – We bought this tent after reviewing a number of different options – and it’s great! Perfect size for a family of four, easy to put up and very sturdy. The option to have the second room set.

  17. PHIL

    Oztent RX-5 (including Living Room & Zip-In-Floor) – Amazing service from tent world. Tent is awesome although it is long and heavy.

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