NuCanoe Flint Fishing Kayak Nuclear Green

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NuCanoe Flint$1099No Reviews
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NuCanoe Flint Fishing Kayak | NUclear Green$1No Reviews
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Jonny Boats Bass 100 Angler$12294.4 / 5
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NuCanoe Flint Fishing$15 / 5
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NuCanoe Frontier 12$1699No Reviews
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NuCanoe Flint$934.155 / 5
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NuCanoe Frontier 12$16995 / 5
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NuCanoe$999No Reviews
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Product Information

3 reviews for NuCanoe Flint Fishing Kayak Nuclear Green

  1. Darrell Klein

    A great boat to get you started or for small water – This boat is marketed as an entry level boat but its build quality is top notch. I look at it as a blank canvas to add only the accessories you absolutely need for fishing.

  2. Kevin McCullough

    NuCanoe Flint – I own a NuCanoe Flint, Frontier, and Pursuit. I love all three of them for different reasons. The Flint is my go-to skinny water boat.

  3. Mike

    NuCanoe Flint – Already owning a NuCanoe Pursuit, I was already familiar with the high quality of the brand. My trying out a Flint seemed like the only option when I decided to look for a smaller kayak for.

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