First Aid Supplies – Uline 10 person First Aid Kit

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First Aid Supplies – Uline 10 person First Aid$15.87#283 in Health & Household
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3M 118-Piece Industrial Construction First Aid$19.014 / 5
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Rapid Care 106-Piece 10 Person OSHA/ANSI Poly First Aid$14.985 / 5
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Fieldtex Trauma Response$252.95No Reviews
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Curaplex Medical Equipment AED Package w/ Defibrillator II Kit, Navy Blue$185.99No Reviews
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Uline First Aid Kit - 250 Person -$217No Reviews
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First Aid Supplies - Uline 10 person First Aid$25No Reviews
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First Aid$24.99No Reviews
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Curaplex CPR Response$21.79No Reviews
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100 Logo First Aid Kits | Compact First Aid Kit - Translucent -$370No Reviews
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250 Branded First Aid Kits | First Aid Kit Pocket Pack -$252.54.5 / 5
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The Recon | First Aid Kit, Coyote / Basic$2504.6 / 5
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75 Personalized First Aid Kits | Safe Care First Aid Kit - Translucent -$366.255 / 5
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Product Information

36 reviews for First Aid Supplies – Uline 10 person First Aid Kit

  1. Marrianne

    Amazing and cheap! – Works great and I like being able to order it by the case as there isn’t much in a tube and my guys need this stuff! Can’t beat the price!.

  2. Kayjoe

    Great – Took this test before a drug test. Works great.My friend tried it as well. The results have been correct for the both of us.

  3. Jazz1

    It works! – I have extreme case of Psoriasis and have used many products even prescription products and so far this is working. I have used it and it is gradually fading the small patches awayI have.

  4. Eric,

    Has it all – Perfect to bring along on camping or hunting trips. Has so many different items in a durable case. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.

  5. LBT resident

    Hail to the yea – I have used this product and advised this product to others for a good while now. I use a 7 day detox and it is an excellent way to see if it has worked.

  6. Lwaxana48

    I love this stuff! – I use witch hazel as a facial toner, a deodorant, an anti-itch soother of bug bites, a sunburn reliever, and a ton of other things. Dollar Tree’s witch hazel is by far the best bargain anywhere.

  7. BigLug2

    Great Product. – I am obese and have a fungal underbelly problem. Doctor recommended the active ingredient. Bought this and I am glad because it works just as good as the brand name, and it saves money.

  8. CCouch

    Tin – Wonderful for purses or small gift for those who have everything.

  9. scubagirl

    Glad to have it, hope I don’t need it. – Bought this to make sure I have a breathing barrier in case I ever need to give another person CPR. Glad I have it and hope I don’t need it. It is small and fits on my keychain very well.

  10. jeek

    Great starter first aid kit. – This bag has all the essentials. Not only does it have great supplies, it has information on how to use it and when to use it.

  11. Mike3511

    Very nice set up of what I needed in my trucks – Told my friends about this and that they have a lot more products out there.

  12. Shadowna56,

    Well worth it for emergencies!!!! – It was time to update my first aid kit at home. This kit comes with all the essentials you need for emergencies plus extras. Variety sized bandages and ointments too.

  13. JoeEMT20

    Best item on my keyring! – Within a week of my purchase, I came across someone who had fallen down in the street and stopped breathing. Using my keychain mask and CPR, myself and another bystander were able to revive.

  14. CuttleBone

    This Hemorrhoidal Cream Work’s – I decided to give this item a try, I am glad I did this Hemorrhoidal Cream works within 5 minutes putting it on the skin.

  15. ertigers,

    Nice Kit, but need SCISSORS – It is a nice little kit, but you need scissors in it. They give you tweezers but no scissors???? Anyway, there are 5 different types of band aids, cold pack, paper tape, gauze pads, Q tips,.

  16. PhDt13,

    Great First Aid Kit! – This 140 piece first aid kit I received is awesome. It is lightweight and carries everything you need for cuts, wounds, burns, and sanitizing.

  17. CoffeeSquirrel,

    Best of the basics plus a few surprises – Equate brand is always the best dollar deal. This first aid kit is no exception. Everything is neatly kept in a hard plastic case that easily stows anywhere.

  18. LLLS

    Amazing Product – This was one of the best products I’ve ever owned! It has the right item for every emergency you can think of. It was an amazing addition to my babysitting bag.

  19. LynnK

    Great value – We are prepared for any number of issues with this first aid kit. – you have to see it to believe it. They pack so much into this soft case.

  20. JohnZ,

    Great for those times hiking in the woods – You frequently see those first aid kits that hold things typically needed in a home or office. This kit has most of those items.

  21. lhartness,

    Great Kit to Have on Hand – Having a simple first aid kit on hand is an essential for anyone, but especially for those in active households. My son is a busy guy, and you never know when a simple scrape or small cut might.

  22. Halley89,

    Nice!! – Very good product to have when you go out to your adventures, it has everything needed for you to be protected, the case alone it very durable and will stand up to a lot of punishment while.

  23. chris,

    Great little package – This kit seems to have almost anything you might need for bandages in an outside environment. It’s sturdy and can fit added items if needed and easy to refill.

  24. MacAddy

    This stuff works! – Having purchased several over the counter and prescription eczema cream none have worked. On a whim, I decided to pick this up.

  25. anonymous_4

  26. Relief

    Works! – RELIEF! Thank you!!! I included before and after photos but they got rejected.

  27. k0tcb

    looks good – This First aid kit is a valuable item that I hope we won’t have to use.

  28. Mewho

    This witch hazel does have 14% alcohol in it. I googled witch hazel w/out alcohol in it. And this came up as one. Just incase anyone sees it and needs the one with out.

  29. Missy82

    Works great! – I buy this for my ironworker husband who has to wear thick insulated metatarsal boots for his job. This powder keeps his feet dry throughout an 8 hour shift, which was longer than the name.

  30. Joeman

    This is good for psoriasis. Doesn’t cure it. It makes it feel lot better, does nothing more or less then expensive creams.

  31. ReneeM

    Vintage Tin a hit! – It is a fun little tin. I love that the American Red Cross is on the front. I have added it to a bigger first ad kit, it holds everything you need to fix a boo boo quickly, well, except the kiss.

  32. PALY

    Best eczema cream there is! – I developed contact dermititis from cheap, plastic croc-type shoes. I was on prescription steroids, antibiotics and tried several name brand over the counter products.

  33. Francis

    Sensible – I live on Cape Cod Bay with access to a semi-private beach. There is no lifeguard and the town does not provide any first aid equipment. There are a lot of rocks on the beach.

  34. Roman80

    Good stuff, great price! – I bought two of these last week and I’m happy I did. The value for money is excellent as this is by far the biggest bottle for the lowest cost.

  35. Jean1955

    Great first aid kit – Very happy with this first aid kit!! Has everything I need.

  36. beci49

    Great features with a great value! – I bought this a month ago for a cross country trip and am glad I did.

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