How To Choose Best Tents For Backpacking

How To Choose Best Tents For Backpacking

How To Choose Best Tents For BackpackingThere are many forms of travel. For us, the one that allows us to be more connected with nature and feel freer is the one we like the most. That’s why we never give up traveling with a backpacker tent. But choosing a tent is never easy, the offer is huge, and there are always many questions about which characteristics to prioritize: igloo or tunnel? Weight or size? Water column or ventilation? One door or two doors? price? … The list is endless, and in the end, one ends up asking the last of the questions: what if I don’t buy it and stay in a hostel? Well, as I am a psychotic of market research (thank you, father!), I think I can share some tips to get the purchase right.

The first thing we must define is the use that we are going to give to our backpacker’s tent. We must stop well at this point because the reflection we make will depend a lot on which characteristics we will prioritize. It is very different than your travel plan is a 15-day solo expedition to the Himalayas, a 2-month trip with four friends along the coast of Central America, or a 2-year couple trip around the world. So, define your priorities very well and the type of trip you are going to make, so you will be able to determine how specific or versatile your tent should be.

Size And Weight Of A Backpack Carp

How To Choose Best Tents For BackpackingThis is one of the essential features for long-term trips and, of course, will determine the final price of the store. As a general rule, for a couple of backpackers on a long trip, the ideal store should not weigh more than 2 kg, although some very interesting up to 2.5 kg can be found in the market. As for the size, we are of the opinion that everything we carry should enter inside the backpack, since carrying things hanging or outdoors can cause your backpack to get caught with something, you can suffer an undesirable pull or just bother you to walk.

Climate And Isolation

This is a point of vital importance for us because on our trip we will find a great diversity of climates and we will face, sure, several important drops of rain and cold days. Stores are usually classified as 3 and 4 stations. The “4th season” is winter; therefore, if you are going to travel through Europe in January, a 4 season is your thing. We opted for three stations as we will travel, trying to follow the warm weather. Plan well!

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