Ozark Trail 12-person 3-room shaped instant cabin tent

5 Best 12-Person Tents in 2023

Spacious multi-person tents are recommended if you are camping with your whole family or a large group. They may be configured for extended layovers, and many feature electrical access connections for extra convenience.

The spacious area and multiple rooms featured in these 12-person tents can make them seem more like a lodge or small home; in fact, they’re sometimes known as instant cabins or even portable cabins. However, they are lighter and easier to carry than a cabin or home. They usually have wide windows, storage compartments, lantern holders, and other features.

Continue reading and we’ll guide you through the five best 12-person tents that are the perfect option for a camping getaway with a large group of people.

All of these tents are easy to set up and comfortable. Most of them can be set up by a single person. But which one would be the best for you? Let’s find out.

  • CORE 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent

CORE has established itself as among the most dependable manufacturers of camping and adventure gear. With a central height of 80′′, the 12 person tent gives adequate headroom to move about within without bending. This tent has enough capacity to accommodate 12 people at the same time. In reality, this tent is intended to provide the outdoorsman with maximum comfort.

The CORE 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent is a flexible and durable tent with an efficient ventilation system and water-proof material to keep rainwater outside.

  • Ozark Trail 12 Person 3-Room Shaped Instant Cabin Tent

This Ozark 12 person camping tent is purely intended to make the camping event more memorable and, of course, less unpleasant. The Ozark Trail 12-person 3-room shaped instant cabin tent has a floor area of 1616 feet, which is big enough to fit you and your camping equipment.

In fact, you may divide the space into three different rooms. Because it is an instant tent, it takes less time to set up due to the pre-attached poles.

The three rooms feature windows that provide proper ventilation as well as the beautiful scenery of the outside. You can also accommodate a huge mattress for a restful sound sleep. In reality, this tent is among the most reasonably priced tents that do not skimp on the room, sturdiness, or, of course, convenience.

  • Tahoe Gear Prescott 12 Person Family Cabin Tent

With an overall dimension of 20 x10 and a center height of 6.5 feet, this tent is a huge and spacious option for camping. It may be utilized as a single open area or with the barrier zipped up to form two distinct rooms.

When closed, the divider takes up one-third of the area on one side, making it perfect for creating a bedroom for parents or children if you are travelling with your family. The additional two-third of the room is large enough for additional beds and your belongings.

The tent structure and rainfly are composed of tough polyester fabric with a waterproof finish and UV protection. There are several windows throughout the tent to allow air circulation and keep you comfortable during the summertime. For the protection and to keep pests away, the windows feature a mesh covering. It has two doors for simple access as well.

  • Wenzel Great Basin Tent, 18′ x 10′

The company has been operating for over a century and has built itself as a go-to brand. Because of its smart design and a slew of innovations, this 12 person tent is one of the greatest and simplest choices you can make.

This 12-person camping tent can comfortably shelter 12 people at a time, and as long as there is adequate headroom, you can effortlessly complete all of the standing activities.

You can build three distinct chambers for yourself or if you want to keep your room secluded. The windows provide a panoramic perspective while also allowing light and air into the tent.

  • Field & Stream Highlands Lodge 12-Person Tent

The Field & Stream Highlands Lodge 12-Person Tent has a cabin design with a front peak. It also includes a no-see-through mesh canopy to keep the flies and other insects away. The tent is spacious enough to accommodate two queen-sized airbeds and enough headroom for the people inside to stand straight. The material of the tent is 800mm thick which keeps the water from outside to enter.

The tent has five fibreglass-steel poles and a single door and five windows that come with zipper closures and flaps. The bathtub-style floor gives it a unique finish and the fly and hi-viz guy lines protect the tent from heavy rains.

Final Take

Now you have the knowledge about the best 12-person tents, you may choose one yourself. We hope this guide will give you an idea about what to look for while choosing a 12-person tent. So wait no more! Get your very own 12-person tent today.

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