Solo Stove Campfire Stove

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Solo Stove$109.995 / 5
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Solo Stove Campfire & 2 Pot Set Combo Compact Wood Burning Rocket$169.994.9 / 5
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Solo Stove$89.995 / 5
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Solo Stove Campfire Eco-Friendly Wood Burning Lightweight Fast Efficient$109.994.9 / 5
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Solo Stove 2 Pot$59.995 / 5
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Solo Stove Campfire Portable Outdoor Wood Burning Camping Backpacking Camp$109.994.9 / 5
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Solo Stove 2 Pot Set: Stainless Steel Companion Pot Set for Solo Stove Campfire. Great for$59.994.9 / 5
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Solo Stove Titan wood burning camp$75No Reviews
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Campfire 4p+$109.99No Reviews
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Product Information

17 reviews for Solo Stove Campfire Stove

  1. Jason L.,

    Great pot set for a large group. – Great pots for cooking for a large group. Well constructed stainless steel with measurements stamped into the side.

  2. Tim,

    Two Pot Set – Works great. Just used both pots along with our Campfire Stove to make Mac and cheese, coffee (the big pot pours water perfectly which was a big concern, since it doesn’t have a pour spout,.

  3. Tab,

    A step (or two) above the rest! – Very thoughtful design. Functional beyond just containing food over fire. Stay right bale and lid tab are the way it should be on any camp cookware.

  4. Stealth,

    How It’s Been Done – I had the chance to listen to people that “winged it” through great depression. Cooking on the fly, from and with what was on hand, became a craft.

  5. J.J. Sears ,

    Amazing! – Very well constructed. Highly efficient! Don’t overfill with bio fuel until you get familiarity of how well it burns.

  6. anonymous_7

    Not a bad little stove – I just got my campfire about a week ago. Finally got a chance to fire it up today. It started really easy and heated up nicely. The biomass I used burned theroughly to a fine ash.

  7. Chris Yamate,

    Coolest item I bought this year – I bought the campfire to take with on my boys backpacking trips with the scouts. We have been firing it up every week. It is quite simply amazing. The double burn is crazy to watch and feed.

  8. anonymous_5

    It’s a new day, it’s a new dawn – I received my Christmas gift from my wife. First of all it was worth waiting for and the gift was a Solo Stove campfire. I have three Solo Stoves, the regular, the Titan and now the Campfire.

  9. Andy Steed,

    Hands down, the best little stove ever invented! – I was skeptical. Finally bought it and I’m glad I did! The first test was to percolate coffee.

  10. Alex Talarico,

    Great to simmer – I finally got to cook on my campfire stove and it’s by far the easiest stove I’ve cooked on. I managed to simmer a soup for a half hour after using it to cook meat. All turned out great.

  11. George Cosson,

    Worked great. – After getting the stove, I pondered what to use as tinder. I tried dryer lint, which had some synthetic material, which caused unpleasant black smoke. My fault, not the stove’s.

  12. Tyne Lander,

    Solo Stove Campfire – Thailand – Hi, Yesterday I received my Solo Stove Campfire from my mailman,all in good order and much sooner than I expected.I commend Solo for their prompt and efficient despatch of this item.

  13. anonymous_4

  14. anonymous_0

    Solo Campfire stove – Recieved my stove today. I can’t say enough good about the quality and function of this stove.

  15. anonymous_1

    Solo Campfire stove – Recieved my stove today. I can’t say enough good about the quality and function of this stove.

  16. Jason,

    Great set of pot for the Titan as well – I purchased so I could use with my Titan and Tripod; worked great! and I highly recommend this to anyone who does cooking over fires via hiking or car camping.

  17. Joseph,

    Didn’t expect to like it this much. – Brought it along on a camping trip as a little campfire, but after buying the wrong gas canister for my regular stove ended up cooking on it most days. Its a lot easier than I thought.

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